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Windows Narducci Still “Haunted” By His Final Goodbye W/ Murdered Dad

Second-generation Philadelphia mafia button man Frank (Windows) Narducci, Jr. was the last person other than his dad’s killers to see his father, Philly crime family capo, Frank (Chickie) Narducci, alive on the day he was slain gangland-style in 1982. Windows Narducci, 60, was arrested by federal authorities last week. He is part of the “Scarfo era”

Buffalo’s ’89 Mob Slaying Leaves Questions Unanswered

Some secrets stay buried forever. What exactly happened in the 1989 disappearance and murder of Buffalo mafia associate Michael Ress is most likely one of them. Ress’ body might never be unearthed, but according to a retired FBI agent that worked the case in the 1990s, there are people still alive that know what happened to

American Mob News & Notes: Chicago-New England

Reputed Chicago mafia lieutenant Paul Carparelli will be spending the rest of the time leading up to his fast-approaching trial on federal extortion charges behind bars. Carparelli, a wiseguy with a tough-guy reputation on the streets affiliated with the Outfit’s Cicero crew, has had his bond rescinded following employing an intimidation tactic to dissuade a witness from