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Detroit Mob Figure Got Ron LeFlore Into MLB From Behind Prison Walls, Now That’s Power

August 18, 2019 — Retired Major League Baseball player Ron LeFlore credits his rags-to-riches journey from the inside of a prison cell all the way to pro sports stardom in just three years to a single deceased Detroit mobster. In an interview with the Metro Times, the 71-year old LeFlore, who is back in the

O.J. Simpson & Drugs: The Juice Was Loose In ‘70s, Investigated For Dope Dealing As An NFL Player

Before he probably butchered his wife. Before the “Chase.” Before the decade in prison he did for an armed robbery in Las Vegas to steal back memorabilia he believed had been boosted from him in the first place. O.J. Simpson, 72, was at the center of two state drug probes during his NFL playing days