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Adios Kiko: Mexican Drug Boss “Kiko” Trevino To Do Life In Prison, U.S. Judge Sends Cartel Leader Away

Mexican drug lord Juan Francisco (Kiko) Trevino was sentenced to five concurrent life prison sentences in a U.S. Federal Court in Texas this week, following a seven-count conviction for racketeering and narcotics trafficking back in the summer. Kiko Trevino, 38, is the don of Mexico’s Del Noreste Cartel, a breakoff faction of the lethal Los

The One & Only ‘El Chapo’ Talks: Historic Drug Boss Caught On Wire With Chicago Twins Talking Business

The downfall of Joaquin (El Chapo) Guzman, the world’s biggest drug lord in modern history, can ultimately be traced to his relationship with the young, savvy and industrious Flores brothers in Chicago, his main wholesale supply dispensers in the United State during the 2000s. Pedro (Little Pete) Flores and Margarito (Junior) Flores, identical 34-year-old twins

Chino Antrax Gamboa – Sinaloa Cartel chief loves Instagram

“Chino Antrax” , leader of the Sinaloa cartel whose boasting on social media may have led to his arrest pleaded guilty to conspiracy to import tons of cocaine and marijuana on Wednesday in federal court in San Diego. Jose Rodrigo Arechiga-Gamboa, 34, known as “Chino Antrax,” was arrested in Amsterdam in December 2013 and extradited