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Q&A: Former Detroit Mob Associate Looks Back On His Days And Nights In The ‘Life’

Retired Detroit mafia associate Alan (Gunner) Lindbloom was recently released from a 13-year state prison term, has put his criminal ways behind him and is embarking on a writing career. Lindbloom is related to the infamous Tocco family through his mother and will put out his first piece of fiction with the March release of his

Interview with the #1 Black Hitman, Nate “Boone” Craft

Starting in the mid 1980’s a group of brothers on Detroit’s east side, still teenagers at the time, decided to become a murder-for-hire gang. The 4 Brown brothers; Ezra, Gregory, Reggie, and Terry, grew their deadly business during Detroit’s descent into the crack cocaine era. You can read their story here. This interview is part