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Colombian Drug Kingpin Wants Out Of Prison To Protect Himself From The Corona Virus

March 20, 2020 – Attorneys for former Narcos crime lord Gilberto Rodriguez-Orejuela filed a brief in Miami’s U.S. District Court to have their client granted compassionate release based on a combination of the one-time Colombian cocaine kingpin’s fragile health and the outbreak of the Corona (COVID-19) virus , which is ravaging the American healthcare system

In The Name Of The Father: Feds Snag Narcos Kingpin “El Mencho’s” Kids

March 1, 2020 — The son and daughter of The FBI Most Wanted Mexican drug lord Nemesio (El Mencho) Oseguera Cervantes are both in American custody. His son, Ruben (El Menchito) Oseguera Gonzales, 30, was extradited to the United States last month to face narcotics and racketeering charges. His daughter Jessica (La Negra) Oseguera Gonzales

Drug Kingpin “Cesar The Abuser” Headed To South Florida Soon To Face Coke Case

February 16, 2020 — Federal authorities in Miami filed an extradition order last week looking to take custody of Dominican Republican drug lord Cesar (The Abuser) Peralta, currently jailed in Colombia after a flight from justice and alleged connections to Major League Baseball players. Peralta’s name surfaced in the Boston press last year in theories