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The Rolling Stones Vs. The Hells Angels: Mick Jagger Dodged Murder Contract From Mad Bikers In 1970s

September 9, 2019 —- The Rolling Stones’ famous frontman Mick Jagger narrowly avoided being killed in a dispute with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in the 1970s, according to a new podcast interview with former Hells Angels Ventura chapter boss George Christy. The beef stemmed from $50,000 in legal fees accrued by the Hells Angels

The Not-So-Calm Before The Snow Storm: Pre-Cocaine Cowboys Miami Murder Timeline (1978-1979)

The 18 months leading up to the Dadeland Mall Massacre set the tone for what was to come. If the Dadeland Mall Massacre was the tipping point that took Miami and Dade County into Cocaine Cowboy overdrive, the writing was on the wall when it happened. Coke was officially big business and South Florida was

The Hit That Started It All: ’79 Dadeland Mall Massacre Had South Fla. Drug Scene Moving In Scary Direction

Historians trace the birth of the entire crazy “Cocaine Cowboys Era” in South Florida to a single event: the headline-grabbing Dadeland Mall Massacre on July 11, 1979 where two Miami drug world figures were slain in a Wild-West style shootout in the upscale mall’s liquor store. The audacious gangland hit foreshadowed a coming decade marked