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U.S. Atty’s Office In NY Doesn’t Want One-Time Queens Drug Lord Fat Cat Nichols Sent To Florida To Close Prison Term Yet

September 25, 2022 — Federal prosecutors filed paperwork with New York U.S. District Court Judge Edward Korman last week objecting to any medical release for former Queens drug kingpin Lorenzo (Fat Cat) Nichols so he can leave federal custody and go to Florida to finish up his time behind bars for an auto-theft conspiracy conviction he took in 2005 while serving time in a Martin County federal witness-protection unit. He has 10 years of state time to do in Florida. His son Jay was nailed with him in the stolen-car case.

Nichols, 63, ruled the NYC cocaine trade in the 1980s, mentoring the street legends that went on to become the Supreme Team. He’s been imprisoned since 1988 for murder and is seeking compassion from Korman in his Brooklyn court room. Back in the spring, the State of New York paroled Nichols from a 40-year sentence for drugs, racketeering and murder and released him to the feds, where he still has time to do for a separate narcotics-trafficking conviction. Due to his cooperation, Fat Cat was hoping the feds would be quick to dispatch him to Florida so he could finally have a light at the end of the tunnel.

In a letter to Judge Korman, Nichols claimed his current home at the Brooklyn Detention Center is raising his blood pressure, causing him migraine headaches and denying him vegan meals. The pleadings U.S. Attorneys put into the record this past week argue Nichols is exaggerating his ailments and needs to do more fed time prior to closing out his sentence down South.

Nichols cut a plea-deal for himself in 1992 and admitted ordering the execution of parole officer Brian Rooney in 1985 as revenge for Rooney violating him and sending him back to prison. He also pleaded guilty to ordering the gangland slayings of an ex-girlfriend named Myesha Horsham for stealing from his drug operation and “stick-up kid” Isaac Bolden for robbing another one of his girlfriends at gunpoint in an alley behind a Queens nightclub.

According to DEA documents, Nichols gave the Isaac Bolden murder contract to the Supreme Team to carry out. Authorities suspect Nichols also handed down the order for the February 1988 murder of New York Police Department officer Eddie Byrne to the Supreme Team.

Byrne was gunned down behind the wheel of his patrol car in South Jamaica, Queens on the corner of 107th and Inwood Streets as he guarded the house of an NYPD snitch from Guyana. Gerald (Prince) Miller, nephew of iconic Supreme Team boss Kenny (Supreme) McGriff, was convicted of farming out the hit to a group of young thugs in 1994 and sentenced to life in federal prison. Supreme McGriff is doing a pair of life bids for two gangland hits in the early 2000s tied to McGriff seeking revenge for the murder of a Supreme Team member.

Sources: Detroit Attorney, Murder Suspect Has Contract Hits Out On Alleged Victim Hutch The Jeweler’s Family

September 24, 2022 — The still-unnamed Metro Detroit lawyer who state and federal authorities are eying as the mastermind of the Dan (Hutch the Jeweler) Hutchinson murder conspiracy back in the summer is also being probed for seeking to quiet those closest to Hutchinson from cooperating with the police investigation by placing hit contracts on the heads of multiple members of the Hutchinson family, per three different sources.

The 47-year old Hutchinson, known as the jeweler to the stars in the Motor City, was gunned down behind the wheel of his SUV with his wife, Marissa, by his side pulling out of a parking spot at his Pay Benny pawn chop in Oak Park, Michigan in the early afternoon of June 3.

Fox2 TV in Detroit recently reported that a local attorney ordered Hutchinson’s murder in a plot to steal his estate via a fraudulently drafted will and trust. Three of the attorney’s alleged co-conspirators have been charged in the Hutch the Jeweler homicide, but the attorney himself has yet to be indicted.

On the same week in September that Darnell Larry and Angelo Raptoplous joined “Precious” Roy

Larry as defendants in the case, a car smashed into the front wall of Hutch’s Jewelry Store, less than a mile from where Hutchinson was killed down the road. Oak Park Police and the FBI investigated whether or not the accident was intentional and carried out as an intimidation tactic aimed at muscling Hutchinson’s wife into keeping her mouth shut.

According to reporting by Fox2, in the weeks before Hutch the Jeweler’s slaying, the lawyer in question drafted a will for Hutchinson and had him sign it without knowing the lawyer had named himself the primary beneficiary. The day after the homicide, “Precious Roy” Larry, the alleged triggerman, was indicted for first-degree murder. Larry was arrested near the scene of the crime. His older brother Darnell and Raptoplous were snared three months later.

Raptoplous, 32, works for the unnamed attorney and per his arrest report, hired the Larry brothers for the job. The Larrys live on Detroit’s Eastside and both have drug convictions on their respective criminal records. Along with Raptoplous, the Larrys have pleaded not guilty. All three are being held without bail before trial.

Over the past three decades, Hutch’s Jewelry Store has become known for outfitting Detroit’s rich and famous — most prominently, the area’s rapper and athlete crowd — in customed-made diamond-studded chains, Cartier eyeglasses, rings, bracelets and Olde English D pendants. The business was started by Hutchinson’s parents at the now-shuttered Northland Mall in 1990.

A number of out-of-state celebrities became dedicated customers of Hutch the Jeweler’s and often showed off his custom-made pieces on their social media accounts. Best-selling Miami rapper Rick Ross is one of the jewelry store’s most loyal patrons. 

Into The Lion’s Den: Armenian Mob “Lawyer” Thinks L.A.’s Armenian Mob Boss Lev Derman Is Trying To Kill Him From Behind Bars

September 22, 2022 — The star witness in the trial of an alleged dirty FBI agent fears retribution from the U.S.’s incarcerated Armenian mafia boss Levon (The Lion) Derman, even in protective custody, according to sources. In one recorded conversation, the witness declared “I’m a dead man, my life is over.”

The Armenian mafia is based out of Los Angeles. The 56-year old Derman, who’s real last name is Termendzyan, remains locked up in prison in Salt Lake City for federal racketeering tied to a sprawling gas-scam conviction two years ago.

Former Armenian mafia “attorney of counsel” Edgar Sargsyan, the “Lion’s” legitimate-world liaison, is on the verge of testifying at the trial of Babak Broumand, a retired FBI agent accused of taking bribes from the Armenian mafia in exchange for greasing wheels behind-the scenes on their behalf; helping combat immigration and anti-terrorism investigations and providing tips on law enforcement intelligence being gleaned on the organization. Some described Sargsyan as an Armenian version of Tom Hagen, refencing the character in The Godfather Parts I and II.

Sargsyan is not a licensed attorney but handled much of Derman’s business out a purported law office in Beverly Hills. He has told people, “Lev can touch (kill) someone from anywhere, he pushes one button and it’s done, you stop breathing,” sources claim.

Broumand left the FBI’s San Francisco office in 2018 following a raid of his home and vacation property in Nevada. His trial begins this week.

Sargsyan cut a cooperation deal with the federal government after being caught embezzling money from Derman’s gas-station empire in the middle of a billion-dollar biofuel racket the Armenians were running with a Mormon cult out of Utah, known as The Order. The leaders of The Order testified against Derman at his 2020 trial in a Salt Lake City federal court

Biker Royalty Remembered: The Duke Is Gone, No-Colors Rule Remains In Northern Ontario Enclave SSE

September 20, 2022 — The city of Sault St. Marie still has almost two dozen bars under a no-colors rule in the Northern Ontario region of Canada even more than a year after the passing of the city’s most notorious biker boss, Outlaws Motorcycle Club chapter president Richard (Duke) Williams. He died of natural causes in May 2021 at the age of 74.

SSE enacted public legislation allowing the banning of club colors and/or any biker club-identifying gear in 2017 in an attempt to cut down on tensions in the local biker world. As of this summer, there were 17 establishments with blanket no-color rules still in effect and another four enforcing the rule only in the evening hours.

The beloved and internationally respected Duke Williams brought The Outlaws MC brand to SSE, just across the border from the United States and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. His funeral was fit for a king and biker luminaries from throughout Canada and as far away as Florida in the U.S. coming into the “Saint” to say goodbye to their fallen brother. The Outlaws is the premier biker club in the American Midwest.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Goes Boom: Montreal Mobster “Chit” Del Balso Popped For Extorting His Priest For $5K Per Week

September 18, 2022 — Montreal mafia shot caller Francesco (Chit) Del Balso was arrested last week for extorting a church. The 52-year old Del Balso tried shaking down his family’s Saint-Maxime Church in the affluent suburb of Laval for $5,000 a week after he claimed his wife lost two pieces of expensive jewelry in a church donation two Christmases ago, according to the arrest report. Per the priest, Del Balso told him his wife didn’t mean to include the jewelry in the December 2020 donation and that the priest was going on a weekly mob-payment plan.

“Chit” Del Balso came up through the Canadian underworld in the 1980s and 1990s as an enforcer for Montreal mob boss Vito Rizzuto. In 2006, he was part of a sweeping mafia indictment where he eventually pleaded guilty to racketeering, money laundering and drug trafficking Today, RCMP considers Del Balso a high-ranking member of what is left of the Rizzuto crime family, decimated by strife raging across gangland circles throughout Canada for the past decade and a half.

The Rizzuto organization immediately began falling apart in the wake of Rizzuto’s extradition to the United States for a six-year stay in federal prison for his role in a 1981 triple murder connected to a war inside New York’s Bonanno crime family. Rizzuto’s father and son were assassinated while he was behind bars. Rizzuto came home to Montreal in 2012, but only lasted a year on the street until he died of an aggressive form of cancer in late 2013.