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Even With Rapidly Deteriorating Health, Chicago Outfit Boss Fat Mike Sarno Still Can’t Find Compassion From Federal Judge

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February 19, 2021 – Chicago mafia don Michael (Fat Mike) Sarno is quite skinny these days, his weight trimmed down by a multitude of health maladies. Because of a need for a double knee replacement, he’s confined to a wheelchair. But an unsympathetic federal judge won’t let him off early from a 25-year prison sentence tied to a Chicago Outfit-related racketeering and extortion conviction on medical grounds, at least partially, because he has already received his COVID-19 vaccination shots.

United States District Court Judge Ronald Guzman rejected Sarno’s motion for compassionate release back in September and then denied a renewed motion seeking to have Sarno serve the remainder of his sentence (11 more years) on home confinement Wednesday on a video-conference hearing. Guzman leaned on the fact that Sarno got the second of his two COVID-19 vaccination shots last week at his prison medical facility in Springfield, Missouri, as reason for not granting immediate relief. Further hearings on the matter are scheduled for this spring.

“Mr. Sarno’s health is severely deteriorating and he’s not receiving proper care or proper treatment in the custody of the Bureau Of Prisons,” Sarno’s attorney John Chwarzynski said.

According to the FBI and the U.S. Attorneys Office , Sarno ran the Chicago mob from the spring of 2005 until late 2010, when he was found guilty at trial for fire-bombing a rival video-poker machine company in suburban Berwyn, Illinois. His motion for compassionate release listed chronic obesity, diabetes, lung, liver, prostate, gallbladder and high blood pressure issues for health concerns. Chwarzynski says Fat Mike, once tipping the scales at nearly 400 pounds, weighs less than 200 pounds right now.

Sarno, 63, was mentored in the mob by deceased Outfit capo Ernest (Rocky) Infelise. A young Fat Mike was busted with Infelise’s “Good Ship Lollipop” crew in 1990 and did seven years behind bars for racketeering. He took command of the Cicero regime in the year 2000.

Chicago Crime Commission records describe Sarno as a longtime liaison to the Windy City’s biker gang world. The fire-bombing he ordered in Berwyn was done in tandem with a biker gang figure from The Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

According to court filings and FBI documents, Sarno was given the job of the Outfit’s “acting boss” or “street boss,” duties in the spring of 2005. With no judicial interference, Sarno won’t come home until 2032.

GR: Black Hand Forum Is The Best In The Business When It Comes To Mafia Chatter On The Internet

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To Live & Die In The Chi: The Stokes Drug Gang & The Roberts Motel Forever Intertwined In South Side Street Lore

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February 18, 2021 – The once-grand Roberts Motel complex hosted Chicago crime boss Willie (Flukey) Stokes’ 30th wedding anniversary party in the winter of 1985 and was the sight of Flukey’s son, Willie the Wimp’s highly-publicized gangland slaying, a year earlier.

Hotelier Herman Roberts, a pioneering figure in the African-American business community, died this month at age 97. His once large and encompassing Roberts Motel compound on the South Side of Chicago served as the “county seat” for the Windy City’s African-American community, where the jazz was legendary, the bubbly flowed freely and Black entertainers, athletes and celebrities from all around the country came to play and perform.

The local gangsters flocked to The Roberts Motel as well, for a variety of reasons, both nefarious and social. Flukey Stokes, the South Side’s biggest pimp, numbers boss and drug kingpin, was a regular at The 500 Room, the nightclub and performance venue on the property. His organization was also known to use rooms at the motel for drug world meetings, multiple-kilo narcotics transactions and for stash spot purposes, per Stokes DEA file.  

Flukey Stokes had his January 1985 anniversary party at The 500 Room. The party with the $500,000 price tag was a glitzy and widely celebrated event, written up in Chicago gossip columns and chronicled in Jet Magazine. William (Willie the Wimp) Stokes, Jr.’s February 1984 murder at the Roberts Motel made national headlines and his burial served as the premise of a Stevie Ray Vaughan song.

Herman Roberts came to Chicago from Oklahoma as a boy with his family in the 1930s. As a young man and fledgling entrepreneur, he owned a taxi cab company, which he soon took the profits from and invested into his own hotel chain. Roberts opened nightclubs and bought real estate while expanding his “Best Roberts Motel” brand around Chicago and into out-of-state locales like Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Oklahoma.

In 1952, he opened The Lucky Spot, a jazz club and juke joint on Chicago’s South Side. Two years later, Roberts took over a storefront down the street and debuted The Roberts Show Club, hosting the top Black performers of the day, icons such as Sammy Davis, Jr. Redd Foxx, Nat King Cole, Count Basie and Richard Pryor.

Roberts purchased the property adjoining the nightclubs and opened his first Roberts Motel in 1960. Five more Roberts Motel outlets followed over the next decade, culminating in 1970 when Roberts, after buying up the entire block, unveiled Roberts Motel No. 6, a palatial complex including 250 state-of-the-art rooms, 15 suites, a fine-dining restaurant, lounge, nightclub, beauty salon, ball room and travel agency. The nightclub on the premises was the fabled 500 Room.

Roberts himself eventually retired to Oklahoma where he bought a plot of land and struck oil. At the time of his death on February 1 of this year, his estimated worth stood at anywhere between $20,000,000 and $25,000,000.

Twenty-eight year old “Willie the Wimp” Stokes, Jr. was killed in a drug deal gone bad on February 21, 1984, gunned down as he entered a room at The Roberts Motel for what he thought was going to be a quality-of-goods tests in a pending bulk heroin purchase. Stokes, Jr. was buried in a $10,000 custom-made Cadillac coffin with $10,000 of cash in his hands and lap. Stevie Ray Vaughan’s version of his brother Jimmy and Bill Carter’s song, Willie the Wimp — inspired by a newspaper article penned about Stokes, Jr.’s funeral –, appeared on Double Trouble’s Live Alive album, released by Epic Records in the fall of 1986.

Less than a week after the Live Alive hit the market, Flukey Stokes was murdered inside his Cadillac limo in a power-play set-up by his bodyguard. Stokes, 49, was blown away with automatic weapon fire outside his girlfriend’s house on the late evening of November 19, 1986.

On January 9, 1985, Flukey had thrown his wife Jean an extravagant 30th wedding anniversary party at The 500 Room in The Roberts Motel, hiring The Staples Singers and The Chi-Lites, as the party’s entertainment. The couple re-made their marriage vows and exchanged 40-carat diamond rings.

Going Out In Style: Chicago’s “Willie The Wimp” Lived Large, Buried In Caddy, Immortalized By Rock God

February 17, 2021 – The Wimp was anything but wimpy. And his goodbye was anything but small.

Chicago rackets prince William (Willie the Wimp) Stokes, Jr. was killed in a drug deal gone bad on February 24, 1984 at the iconic Roberts Motel on the Windy City’s South Side, ending the life of a rising star in the underworld right as he was coming into his own as a gangster. Stokes’ burial proceedings made national news and inspired a song made famous by guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughan.

The Roberts Motel, a sprawling complex with a restaurant, lounge, nightclub, performance venue, ballroom, banquet hall and swimming pool, was the epicenter of African-American culture at the time in Chicago. According to the police report, Willie the Wimp was ambushed as he approached one of the motel’s suites for what he thought was going to be a quality-check on a shipment of heroin he was negotiating the purchase of on behalf of him and his father.

Willie the Wimp, 28, was buried in a $10,000 custom-made Cadillac coffin with $10,000 of cash in his hands and lap. Stokes was dressed in a pink-colored three-piece suit and fedora and wore a diamond pinky ring on his right hand. The coffin featured a vanity Illinois license plate with the letters W.I.M.P. on it.

Willie the Wimp’s dad, the flamboyant Willie (Flukey) Stokes, Sr., ran the South Side Chicago dope and pimp game of the 1970s and first half of the 1980s. He was well known in the Windy City media for quippy banter, high-living and a loud fashion style. His ritzy January 1985 30th wedding anniversary party was written up in Jet Magazine and had musical performances by The Chi-Lites and The Staples Singers.

“I’m off to Las Vegas to shoot dice, I’ll see you all when I get back,” Stokes told the press corps gathered outside the Cook County Criminal Court in August 1986 following charges in a first-degree homicide case against him getting tossed.

State prosecutors had charged Flukey Stokes with putting out a murder contract on South Side pharmacist Robert Ciralski because Ciralski discontinued his black-market quinine business. Quinine was purchased in bulk by Stokes and other drug bosses in Chicago and used to cut their powder narcotics. Chicago Police believed Stokes and another South Side drug lord named Charles (King Arthur) Ashley issued the contract on Ciralski’s life. Ciralski was gunned down outside his home on August 1, 1984.

Flukey Stokes’ days were numbered himself though and the plotters were from within. The debonair 49-year old kingpin was murdered in a power play orchestrated by his own bodyguards, shot to death in the backseat of his Cadillac limousine on November 19, 1986.

Just three days earlier, Epic Records released rock god Stevie Ray Vaughan’s album Live Alive with his version of Bill Carter’s Willie the Wimp, written after Carter and his wife read a news story chronicling his killing and funeral. Vaughan’s brother, Jimmy, got a co-writing credit on the song. Stevie Ray Vaughan died in an August 1990 airplane crash.

Team Eastside Party Time: Motown Welcomes Home Rapper Peezy, Chedda Grove Gang Figure Gets Out Of Prison

February 13, 2021 – Detroit rap star and street gang member Phillip (Peezy) Peaks was released from federal prison this week after serving 18 months for a racketeering conspiracy. Peezy is one of the Motor City’s most popular underground rappers and part of the 6 Mile Chedda Grove Gang.

Hip Hop luminaries Little Yachty and E-40 sent their welcome home regards on their social media accounts. Peezy, 33, was indicted in his case in 2016. Although the case included four gangland slayings, Peezy wasn’t implicated in any violence. He was shot in a 2018 gas station robbery.

Peezy’s rap crew is called “Team Eastside.” Rapper and Team Eastside member Aaron (Jizzle P) Mays was killed in a shooting back in the fall.

Chedda Grove boss Edwin (Eddie Boy) Mills is doing his prison time in Milan, Michigan. Peezy was the No. 11 co-defendant in the case, while Mills was listed as No. 1 defendant in the indictment. Mills, 30, appeared in many of Peezy’s rap videos.

Prosecutors cited Peezy’s 2015 rap video for “Young Nigga World,” where he is seen on YouTube bragging of drug dealing and participating in revenge violence, as evidence of the Chedda Grove racketeering conspiracy. Eddie Boy Mills is in the “Young Nigga World” video.

Peezy was found in possession of the cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy pills by police in January 2016 in Warren, Michigan, just North of the Detroit city border on the eastside. At a traffic stop in Ohio in March of that same year, police found codeine and marijuana.

DEA agents suspected Peezy was traveling to West Virginia on Chedda Grove Gang business during his March run-in with the law. The 6 Mile Chedda Grovers keep a wing of their gang operating in Huntington, West Virginia, according to authorities.