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A Tainted DEA Snitch & The Kronk Boxing Drug Case

After being on the sidelines for over a decade, Andrew Chambers, the DEA’s No. 1 informant of all-time, a man just as controversial as he was successful in helping the government make arrests and earn convictions, has been put back to work. Chambers, who helped bring down a Kronk Boxing Gym-connected drug ring in Detroit in the

Three’s Company? – White Boy Rick Movie Project No. 3 Takes Flight

The story of Detroit teenage drug-dealing prodigy and illegal underage FBI informant, Richard (White Boy Rick) Wershe is a scorching-hot property in Hollywood these days. On Friday, Protozoa Films, a production house owned by the A-List director-producer team of Darren Aronofsky and Scott Franklin, announced their intention of making a movie about Wershe, 46 years old

Philly mob’s ‘Georgie Boy’ stepping on toes, possibly tempting fate

George (Georgie Boy) Borgesi wants back in. Borgesi, the one-time head of operations in Delaware County, Pennsylvania for the Philadelphia mafia, wants to reestablish a foothold in his former stomping grounds, according to sources on the street and in law enforcement. Since his release from a 13-year prison sentence on racketeering charges from the 1990s earlier