ChiTown Mafia Murders: Harry the Hook’s 1970s Hit List

Notoriously trigger-happy Chicago mob hit man and Cicero crew lieutenant Harry (the Hook) Aleman was a suspect in more than a dozen murders in a half-dozen years in the 1970s, imposing order on the Windy City streets with his violent antics on behalf of his uncle and Outfit power Joe Ferriola. Aleman, who was half Italian and half Hispanic, died in prison in 2010.

Below is a list of the 17 gangland executions Aleman was suspected of committing between 1971-1977:

Disco Dancing and Death: The Hook’s Hits (1970s Edition)

Oct. 19, 1971: Chicago mobster Salvatore (Sambo) Cesario, 53, is clubbed and shot to death by two masked men as he sat with his wife in lawn chairs in front of his home smoking a cigar

Sept. 27, 1972: Labor union-connected Chicago mob associate, Billy Logan, 37, a Teamsters steward and ex-husband of Aleman’s cousin, is shotgunned to death in front of his home

Dec. 20, 1973: Chicago cop and “made” man, Richard Cain, 49, tied to Illinois mafia boss Sam Giancana, is shotgunned to death at point-blank range by two masked men in Rose’s Sandwich Shop on the westside of Chicago
Feb. 24, 1974: Chicago mob associate and expert counterfeiter, Socrates (Sammy Paper) Rantis, 43, is found with his throat slashed and with puncture wounds in his chest in the trunk of his wife’s car at O’Hare airport parking terminal.
April 21, 1974: Chicago mob associate, counterfeiter and “Sammy Paper’s” funny money apprentice, Billy Simone, 29, is found in the back seat of his car with his hands and feet bound and a gunshot wound in the head.
July 13, 1974: Chicago mob associate Orion Williams, 38, a suspected mob informant, is found shotgunned to death in the trunk of his girlfriend’s car.
Sept. 28, 1974: Chicago mob associate Bobby Harder, 39, a jewel thief and burglar who was believed to have become an informant, is found shot in the face in a bean field near Dwight, Ill. Previously, Harder had escaped a hit attempt by Aleman and current Outfit Cicero crew capo, James (Jimmy I) Inendino.
Jan. 16, 1975: Chicago mob associate and collector Carlo Divivo, 46, is killed by two masked men who opened fire with a shotgun and a pistol as he walked out of his house
May 12, 1975: Chicago mob associate Ronnie Magliano, 43, an Outfit fence, is found blindfolded and shot behind the left ear in his set-ablaze residence
June 19, 1975: Chicago cop and Outfit loanshark Chris Cardi, 43, is shot eight times in the back and once in the face by two masked men as his wife and children looked on inside Jim’s Beef Stand in Melrose Park.
Aug. 28, 1975: Greek Chicago mob associate Frank Goulakos, 47, a federal informant, is shot six times by a masked man near DiLeo’s Restaurant, where he worked as a cook.
Aug. 30, 1975: Greek Chicago mob associate and bookie Nick (Keggie) Galanos, 48, is found shot nine times in the head in the basement of his home.
Oct. 31, 1975: Chicago mob associate and bookie Anthony Reitinger, 34, is shot to death in Mama Luna’s restaurant by two masked men.
Jan. 31, 1976: Chicago mob associate Louie DeBartolo, 29, a heavy gambler deeply in debt to Outfit bookmakers, is found shot in the head and with his neck punctured four times with a broken mop handle in the rear of the store where he was employed.
May 1, 1976: Chicago mob associate Jimmy Erwin, 28, an ex-convict who was suspected in the murders of two other reputed mobsters, is killed by two masked men with a shotgun and a .45 caliber pistol. He was shot 13 times as he stepped out of his car.
July 22, 1976: Kansas City mafia soldier David Bonadonna, 61, is fatally shot and found in his car trunk in Missouri. His murder was one of several unsolved gangland slayings connected to a local mob war in Kansas City stemming from the fight to control KC’s then-trendy River Quay entertainment district.
March 29, 1977: Chicago mafia soldier and hit man Chuckie Nicoletti, 60, is shot three times in the back of the head while sitting in his car parked in front of the Golden Horns Restaurant in a suburban Northlake.
June 15, 1977: Chicago mob associate Joey Theo, 33, a burglar involved in stolen auto parts, is found with two shotgun wounds to the head in the back seat of a car parked on the city’s southside.