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Ray Wags Still Watching Skinny Joey’s Back In Philly After All These Years

Sidekicks are a staple of the mob. From iconic Jewish racketeer Meyer Lansky’s longtime bodyguard Vincent (Jimmy Blue Eyes) Alo to imprisoned New York Don Carmine (The Snake) Persico and his one-time right-hand man Hugh (Hughie Apples) McIntosh and currently-aging Chicago Godfather John (Johnny No Nose) Di Fronzo and his former driver Eugene (Lefty) Cacciatore,

Some Choice Words Of Wisdom From The Philadelphia Mafia

A few excerpts of evidence from the most-recent Philadelphia mafia RICO indictment, filed in 2011 against then-acting boss Joseph(Uncle Joe) Ligambi – seen in featured image – and most of his administration. Ligambi would get off-the-hook with a pair of mistrials, a majority of his alleged lieutenants weren’t so lucky. Audio surveillance of South Philly hood Gary Battaglini in

Philadelphia mob chief unfazed by winter in the clink, Merlino on “Timeout” again

Philadelphia mafia Don Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino returned to some familiar territory this week……federal prison. Merlino reported to a federal correctional facility in Miami on Monday afternoon, ordered to serve four months for violating his parole spawning from his 2001 RICO conviction in which he spent 12 years behind bars. He’ll be out in early May