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Did Sean Combs Take Money From BMF To Fund Bad Boy’s Start-Up?

More than one internal U.S. Department of Justice memo quotes FBI and DEA informants as saying that hip-hop mogul Sean (Puffy) Combs’ iconic Bad Boys record label was started in the early 1990s with seed money provided by the infamous Black Mafia Family. This year is the 10-year anniversary of the landmark Black Mafia Family case,

The Mafia & The 2016 American Presidential Election

Rumored ties between the White House and the mafia date back to the JFK era and even beyond. Two potential future United States Presidents, both considered top candidates for the job in the 2016 Election, have, at the very least, tangential connections to the American mob. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, an early Republican Party front-runner

Arrest In NYC Led To Downfall of Detroit’s Murder Row Gang

The November 1977 heroin-smuggling bust and subsequent incarceration of former Detroit drug baron Harold (The Hawk) Morton for having a potential witness against him killed sent his Murder Row crime syndicate careening onto the rails, eventually crashing into pieces on the ground with the July 1979 Michigan Federated Democratic Social Club beheading slayings. Murder Row was founded around