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Big Mike Spano Free At Last In Chicago, Says He’s Hanging Up His Mob Spurs

One-time Chicago mob heavyweight Michael (Big Mike) Spano is a free man. The 74-year old Spano, the former captain of the Outfit’s powerful Cicero crew, was released from a Windy City halfway house earlier this week, returning home to his west-suburban digs after over 12 years in federal prison. Big Mike was convicted in 2002

Federal Drug Probe Almost Crashed Playboy Empire 40 Years Ago

The once heavily-publicized Playboy drug scandal peaked and then abruptly ended forty years ago this December, an anniversary men’s magazine magnate and American sex icon Hugh Hefner certainly won’t be celebrating along with his usual Christmas festivities in six months. Back in the early-to-mid 1970s, Hefner and his Playboy empire were the high-priority targets of

ChiTown Mafia Murders: Marshall Caifano’s Greatest Hits

Chicago mobster Marshall (Johnny Shoes) Caifano, a protégé of revered Windy City Godfathers Paul (the Waiter) Ricca and Tony (the Big Tuna) Accardo, is best known as the Outfit’s west coast muscle from the 1940s until the 1970s. The diminutive and volatile Caifano was allegedly an accomplished killer – well-known for employing a shotgun and car bombs in his