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The Mafia & The 2016 American Presidential Election

Rumored ties between the White House and the mafia date back to the JFK era and even beyond. Two potential future United States Presidents, both considered top candidates for the job in the 2016 Election, have, at the very least, tangential connections to the American mob. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, an early Republican Party front-runner

Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno

Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno was the epitome of a perfect Mobster.  He spent his entire life hustling and controlling the streets of East Harlem.  His name arose in numerous investigations, but he avoided any major convictions until he was 75 years old, sticking to the code of avoiding drug sales he dodged the heroin bullet

Mafia Hit List – Top Genovese Family Murders

SCOTT BURNSTEIN’S ‘HIT LIST’ Top 5 Genovese Family Mob Murders of All-Time 1 Willie Moretti – The Genovese Family’s longtime overseer of it’s affairs in New Jersey, an eventual syndicate underboss and one of the real-life models for Godfather scribe Mario Puzo’s Vito Corleone character, Moretti was killed by a hail of bullets from gunmen