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Big Mike Spano Free At Last In Chicago, Says He’s Hanging Up His Mob Spurs

One-time Chicago mob heavyweight Michael (Big Mike) Spano is a free man. The 74-year old Spano, the former captain of the Outfit’s powerful Cicero crew, was released from a Windy City halfway house earlier this week, returning home to his west-suburban digs after over 12 years in federal prison. Big Mike was convicted in 2002

Midwest Mafia Bulletin: Chicago & Detroit

Top-ranking Chicago mob associate Michael (Mickey D) Davis is clearing his schedule, possibly for the next few decades. The 58-year old Davis, at times over the years a driver and bodyguard for Outfit heavyweights such as Salvatore (Solly D) DeLaurentis and Peter (Greedy Petey) DiFronzo, was found guilty last week in federal court of extortion,

Midwest Mafia Bulletin: Detroit & Chicago

Almost three years after being federally indicted on racketeering and extortion charges and the enduring of a heap of motions, legal briefs and continuances, Detroit mobster big shots and brothers, Giuseppe (Joe the Hood) D’Anna and Girolamo (Mimmo) D’Anna, will finally go to trial this fall. The Sicilian-born D’Annas are scheduled to begin trial in the