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Montreal mob leader’s bodyguard saves his boss’ life, convicted of felonies as reward

Jailed Montreal mobster Raynald Desjardins’ fearless bodyguard, 30-year old Jonathan (Jonny the Kid) Mignacca, will be joining his boss in the can very soon. All because he saved his life in 2011 with his bravery, quick thinking and even quicker trigger finger. The law in Canada doesn’t seem to care. Mignacca was found guilty of five counts of the

Irish Mob Boss Matticks Loses Battle With Cancer In Canada

After decades of avoiding death by unnatural causes in the treacherous Canadian underworld, Richard Matticks, the reputed leader of Montreal’s Irish mob known locally as the West End Gang, succumbed to cancer late last week. He was 80 and alleged to head the notoriously brutal West End Gang alongside his brother Gerald. The Matticks brothers grew

Shooting Star In Canada’s Mafia Flees, Search Reaches Across Borders

Young and up-and-coming Toronto Mafioso Daniele (Dark Danny) Ranieri has been a fugitive of the law since late last month. Now, he’s gone international. According to the Royal Mounted Canadian Police in a statement to the press last week, the 30-year old, musclebound Ranieri has exited the country stage left, hoping to avoid arrest for a racketeering