Anastasia Funeral


Albert Anastasia • was I buried in the morning cold yesterday at Green-Wood Cemetery in South Brooklyn, with members of his family and a few friends at the graveside. Simple pray-ers were said by a funeral chap-el director. He fared better than many o the sixty-three men he • had reportedly •killed. or, whose deaths he had ordered as .chief executioner for . the defunct gang known as Murder, Inc. They were found by the police in lime pits, swamps and at the bottom of lakes and rivers. While the racketeer was be-ing buried, Anthony Coppola, his chauffeur and occasional bodyguard, was acquitted in Mahhattan Arrest Court on a charge of vagrancy.- However, Coppola was re-arrested at the funeral chapel during the morning,

Among them were Capt. William V. Bradley, president of the independent Inter-national Longshoremen’s Asso-ciation, and Thomas (Teddy) Gleason, general organizer for  the union. arrested, The police have expressed request of Assistant District themselves as dissatisfied with Attorney Alexander Herman, he Coppola’s account of his move- was held in $50,000- bail and ments last Friday, the day. thaticommitted to jail. A

nastasia was shot by two “I am convinced that this masked gunmen .while he was witness himself is in immediate in a barber chair at the Park danger of meeting the same Sheraton Hotel. fate as the subject of this in-Anastasia’s funeral was lack- vestigation,” Mr. Herman told ing in the opulence that have the court. He expressed the fear characterized gangster funerals that the Anastasia shooting in the past. He reposed in an “may be the beginning of open inexpensive steel coffin, and no warfare between the hoodlums long retinue of flower-bedecked of the city.”

Mourners’ cars accompanied the Copp la voiced strong objec-hearse to the cemetery from tion to his commitment as a the mortuary at 1305 Seventy_ material witness. ninth Street, Brooklyn. “I don’t fear nobody,” he as-He did not receive the roll- serted. “I don’t know nothing. gious burial normally accorded I don’t have an enemy in the members of his Roman Catholic world. I don’t know nothing faith. No masses were said for about the Anastasia business. I him, and he was not burled in was just a friend of his.” – consecrated ground.

However, The police investigation of the his brother, Salvatore, a Catho- Anastasia shooting continued lic priest, visited the cemetery yesterday without any progress earlier in. the morning and announced. Chief of Detectives blessed the grave. He did not James B. Leggett said that his attend the burial ceremony. men were “spot-checking the Who’s Who of the underworld” The ,gangster’s brothers, An-thony (TOugh Tony), a Brook- for clues.

He added that the as-lyn dock union leader; Gerardo, sistance of the Treasury De-and Frank, and his widow, Elsa, Jr. and his son, Albert were an effort to trace Anastasia’s among the twelve mourners in financial transactions. the cemetery. A dozen detec- Chief Leggett said that the tives also were present The two pistols used by the killers of entire ceremony lasted seven Anastasia had been checked by minutes. the Ballistics Bureau and that About X100 persons tried to they did not seem to have been peer through a picket fence of used in any previous New York the cemetery for .a view of the homicide. burial. But their view was ob-structed by several large floral Linked to Narcotics crosses that obscured the grave.