Anastasia and Frankie Carbo


Police Narrow 150 Leads in Slaying to One–Name of Frankie Carbo Comes Up
Police officials Investigating the slaying of Albert Anastasia yesterday appeared to he look-ing up one street rather than 150 blind alleys. Detectives said the case had taken “a definite turn in one di-‘ rection.” They would not say what. the direction was. Zarlier. in the week, Chief of Detectives James B. Leggett had said in effect that there were 150 avenues of approach. The police said they could not state what had caused the sud-den narrowing with out jeopar-! dizing progress.

They admitted that they would “like to talk to Frankie Carbo,” . a man with wide but shadowy associations in th prizefight field. They said they believed him to be in Miami. Inspector Frederick Lussen acknowledged that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was “assisting” local authorities. He emphasized that this did not mean that the F. B. I. was “in” the case, Inspector Lussen said that the police had questioned about 700 persons so far, at the rate of about 100 a day. Anastasia was killed by two gunmen in a mid-town barber shop a week ago. Detectives were assigned yes-terday to check taxicab records.

The slayers are believed to have made their escape by boarding; a B. M. T. train at the Fifty-‘ seventh Street Station. The sta-; tion entrance is less than fifty i feet from the entrance to the. barber shop. But, the police said, the men may have gone only a stop or. two, got out and flagged a cab.: In that case, hack records!, might provide a clue. In Brooklyn, District Attor-: ney Edward S. Silver said that Anthony (Tough Tony) Anas-: tasia, water’fr’ont boss and; brother of the slain man, had received an anonymous post-‘ card Wednesday from Miami Beach that read: “YOU ARE NEXT.”

Anthony Anastasia spent an hour yesterday closeted with’ Assistant District Attorney Aaron E. Koota and denied hay-‘ ing received the postcard. He said that if it had come, it was probably the work of “kids in the neighborhood.” Mr. and Mrs. Albert Anastasia Jr. ‘,vent to the West Fifty-fourth Street precinct yester-day. Lieut. James Burke, who questioned the couplet said they had appeared voluntarily. Lieu-tenant Burke said he had shown Mr. Anastasia a list of his late father’s “associates and acquaintances,” but that the son_ did not know any of them. His father, he said, never had discussed business at home with members of the family.