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Strada mob hit in K.C. was solved via robbery-gone-wrong in Wisconsin

Two dozen years ago this month the first domino fell in solving the May 1990 Missouri-mob slaying of tavern owner and Kansas City mafia associate Larry Strada. Although convictions in the Strada homicide wouldn’t come for another three years, when K.C. gangland enforcer Patrick McGuire and his brother-in-law Terry Dodds were arrested on December 17,

K.C. Mafia ’84 Hit Parade Marks Anniversary, Willie the Rat’s Wrath Felt

The famous Kanas City mob tandem of Anthony (Tiger) Cardarella and Felix (Little Phil) Ferina, a pair of longtime Missouri racketeers and a reputed two-man execution team for K.C. mafia boss Nick Civella, were both killed in the same seven-month span in 1984, victims of an early-tenure “housecleaning” by Civella’s successor William (Willie the Rat)