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Baby Shacks Smoothed Things Out For Spucky In 2000 Boston Mob Beef

A tension-filled gangland beef between current New England mob acting boss Anthony (Spucky) Spagnolo and the Boston mafia street duo of Frederick (Freddy the Neighbor) Simone and Vincent (Dee Dee) Gioacchini a decade and a half ago was squashed just at the brink of violence by retired Patriarca crime family don Luigi (Baby Shacks) Manocchio,

An Animal Peeks Out Of His Cage: Retired Boston Mobster Still Holds Weight

While for all intents and purposes Boston mob leader Vincent (Vinnie the Animal) Ferrara is retired from his life in the rackets, he is occasionally sought out for advice by New England mafia brass, per exclusive Gangster Report sources. His counsel from afar has been especially valuable in recent years, according to these sources, as

Top-Tier New England Mafia Figure, the Frenchman, says Au Revoir

Gerard (the Frenchman) Ouimette, one of the highest-ranking mob associates in the history of New England, lost his battle with lung cancer earlier this week in a prison hospital in North Carolina. It was a quiet, unceremonious ending for a man that lived life large as a wiseguy with flair and panache, not to mention an unforgiving reputation