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The Partnership That Lost Its’ Head: Detroit’s Frank Usher & Johnny Coach

Maybe instead of “Big Frank Nitti”, historic Detroit drug boss Frank Usher’s nickname should have been “the Hatchet Man.” Arrested last week by the feds for dealing heroin, authorities think he might have had four people’s heads chopped off in a storied career on the Motor City streets dating back a half-century. The beheadings all took

The Top 5 Black Mafia Associates of All-Time

1 Ellsworth (Bumpy) Johnson – Unquestionably the most notorious black mob associate of all-time, Johnson ran the rackets in Harlem for the Genovese crime family for a good chunk of the 20th Century. Making his name in the 1930s “New York Numbers War,” which saw several different street factions vying for control of the city’s African-American policy

Mafia Hit List – Top Black Mob Murders

SCOTT BURNSTEIN’S ‘HIT LIST’ Top 5 Black Mob Hits of All-Time 1 Malcolm X– The iconic civil rights leader and black militant was assassinated on the orders of his mentor and Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad (and possibly the government) on February 21, 1965 as he was about to make a speech in New