Mafia Hit List – Top Black Mob Murders


3 Theodore (Tough Teddy) Roe – The last of the African-American policy kingpins in Chicago, Roe was killed on August 4, 1952, shot-gunned to death as he walked to his car outside his apartment building on S. Michigan Avenue after fighting mightily to disrupt attempts by the Windy City Italian mafia to seize control of the region’s entire numbers racket. Up until that point, all the policy in the area had been run solely by the black mob. Tough Teddy killed Chicago mob enforcer Leonard (Fat Lenny) Caifano the year before his own murder in the intense standoff, eventually won by mafia don Sam Giancana and the Italians. Caifano, a longtime friend and bodyguard for Giancana, had been acting as Giancana’s emissary in the hostile takeover and his death drew the ire of the entire mafia due to his popularity. Giancana was heard on FBI wiretaps later in his life telling associates how much respect he had for Roe, what an iron will he had, and how his death was a shame.

Chicago Black Gangster Murder
Teddy Roe fought Sam Giancana and the Chicago Mafia outfit for control of the policy racket


4 Tyrone (Mr. Millionaire) Palmer – A major rival of the Philadelphia Black Mafia, the flashy and heavily-connected Palmer was shot dead in front of close to 1,000 partygoers at the famous Club Harlem in Atlantic City in the early hours of Easter Sunday 1972 (April 2). Philly Black Mafia founder Sam Christian shot Palmer full of bullets and in the process also wounded 20 clubbers and killed four more (three innocent bystanders and Palmer’s bodyguard). Mr. Millionaire was known as mysterious African-American drug lord and master racketeer Frank (Black Caesar) Matthews’ top lieutenant stationed in Baltimore, one of Matthews’ central business hubs. Frequently partying and doing drug deals in Philly and AC, Palmer crossed paths with Christian and his troops and quickly after their initial meeting they found themselves at war.

Tyrone Palmer murdered by Philly Black Mafia in Atlantic City
Tyrone Palmer was the Baltimore lieutenant of Black drug lord Frank Matthews


5 Anthony (Wolf) Jones – Hip-hop mogul Puffy Combs’ one-time bodyguard, Jones was gunned down alongside his best friend Lamont (Riz) Girdy on November 11, 2003 outside Club Chaos in Atlanta, following their entourages scuffling inside moments earlier with members of The Black Mafia Family. BMF boss and founder Demetrius (Big Meech) Flenory was arrested for the double-murder, but was never charged after he claimed self-defense (he was wounded in the buttocks). Jones had been with Combs and his then-girlfriend singer-actress Jennifer Lopez in 1999 when Combs’ rapper protégé Shyne unloaded shots into the air at Club New York in Manhattan. Flenory is by far the biggest American black crime czar of the past 25 years and was finally imprisoned on a giant drug and racketeering case that came down in 2005. Copping a plea, Big Meech was sentenced to 30 years behind bars.

Anthony Wolf Jones and Big Meech BMF
Big Meech of BMF was accused of killing Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs’ bodyguard Anthony “Wolf” Jones




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