Youngstown – The “Most Corrupt City in America” Doc


Once called “the most corrupt city in America”, Youngstown, Ohio has also once held the the title of highest murder rate in the country. A hotbed of Mafia activity, Youngstown has been the site of numerous infamous Mob murders. It also was home to such infamous characters like Jeff Riddle – The self-declared “Black John Gotti of the Ohio underworld”, who became a trusted lieutenant of Youngstown mafia leader Lenny Strollo in the late 1980s and 1990s, and went around Youngstown telling people he was going to became the first black “made man” in Mafia history. Check out the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary “Youngstown Boys” about former OSU star Maurice Clarrett.



  1. I’m from Youngstown! I really enjoyed this film! I hope and pray that Youngstown flourishes in the near future! My brother is good friends with Ray (Boom Booms) brother in law Tommy. Thank you Ray for believing in the people of Youngstown. I love the people of Ohio. I will always call Youngstown home!

  2. and went around Youngstown telling people he was going to become*** the first black “made man” in Mafia

    Fix this.

  3. i was born and reared in Youngstown Ohio and enjoyed the film. It was great hearing the history but also seeing the celebrities, boxers and great people that came out of Youngstown. I am thankful for those who took time to educate us on how corruption spread through our city. Also for the citizens and leaders who are working hard at making Youngstown a better place to live.

  4. Excellent documentary….the only thing I believe is missing is the incredible music that came from Youngstown.

  5. Youngstown is like many other cities. Too bad we get such a bad rap yes we have spoils among us. But we also have many prestigious people who live here and come from here. If people stopped pocking the money and put it into our community we could progress. I still love my city.

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