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Frank Usher & His Role In Infamous Detroit Triple-Beheading Murders

Recently-apprehended Detroit drug czar Francis (Big Frank Nitti) Usher was at the center of maybe the most heinous mass murder in Motor City history almost 40 years ago – The Michigan Federated Democratic Social Club Massacre. Usher, 71 and currently facing federal heroin-dealing charges stemming from an arrest this week, was originally convicted, then acquitted

FBI Bugged Detroit Crime Lord’s Retirement-Home Residence In Effort To Solve Hoffa Mystery

The Jimmy Hoffa disappearance haunts the FBI. So much so, that it will go to extremes in its quest to crack the near-40 year old kidnap-murder case that is probably the most notorious and iconic unsolved crime in the annals of American history. According to exclusive Gangster Report sources, one of those extremes was bugging

Detroit LCN Leach Hit Will Never Be Solved: Schultz’s Death Closes Book On Ever Cracking Case

The Harvey Leach murder case is officially closed. According to sources in Michigan law enforcement, investigators in the 40-year old Metro Detroit gangland slaying have put away any thoughts of solving the notorious mob murder. The FBI believes any remaining first-hand knowledge of who killed Harvey Leach, an execution that goes down as one of the