Ripping Up The Reaper: Gangster Disciples Enforcer Falls In Racketeering & Murder Case Out Of Tennessee, Feds Slay All 12 Co-Defs. In War Vs. Hoover Troop


November 5, 2012 — Tennessee Gangster Disciples’ Sergeant at Arms, Brandon (Creeper Da Reaper) Hardison. was found guilty of federal racketeering and murder charges this week, the last of a dozen GDs convicted in the 2017 case. The heavily-tatted, Nashville-based Hardison, 35, leveraged a 2012 double-murder contract into a spot on the organization’s “Blackout Squad,” per court records.

The case targeted GDs in Tennessee and Kentucky. According to his indictment, in January 2012, Hardison killed a GD affiliate and his girlfriend over a drug debt and the belief that the affiliate may be cooperating with the DEA. Hardison also participated in a November 2012 murder of a rival at a Nashville nightclub. Those three hits got Hardison named the main enforcer of the Tennessee GD set, a position also known as Sergeant at Arms, and chosen to be a member of the Blackout Squad.<


The Blackout Squad was comprised of top enforcers representing different wings of the GD empire in the Southern region of the United States. The Gangster Disciples were founded on the Southside of Chicago in the late 1960s. Today, the GDs are spread out around the country and number in the tens of thousands.

GD boss Larry (The Chief) Hoover, the organization’s co-founder, is alleged to still call shots from his prison cell in the feds’ Supermax facility in Florence, Colorado. Hoover, 71, has been incarcerated since 1973.


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