Pagan’s Motorcycle Gang lieutenant Patrick (Redneck) Treacy was sentenced to 20 years in prison in federal court in Philadelphia this week on the heels of a summer 2016 guilty plea to helping head a multi-million dollar pain-pill trafficking ring alongside Dr. William O’Brien out of O’Brien’s Bucks County, Pennsylvania medical practice. O’Brien, 52, was smacked with a 30-year prison sentence back in the fall for his role in the narcotics operation that yielded an estimated five million dollars in profits in less than three years.

The conspiracy ran from 2012 to 2015 and was started in tandem between O’Brien and Sam (Bullet) Nocille), the Pagan’s then-vice-president of the club’s powerful Philly chapter. Nocille died of a heart attack while incarcerated in 2014 and the Pagan’s lucrative piece of the pill mill was passed to Redneck Treacy, a reputed club enforcer who used a wide stable of fellow bikers and female strippers to move his product on the street.

Federal authorities estimate the 49-year old, heavily-inked and bearded Treacy sold almost 70,000 pills at thirty bucks a pop. Witnesses testified at O’Brien’s trial that O’Brien attempted hiring Treacy to kill his wife, a murder that never occurred and an accusation O’Brien still steadfastly denies.

According to court records, in 2013, O’Brien allegedly sent Treacy to collect an $11,000 debt from Anthony Rongione for unpaid bulk pill-shipment receipts and the next day Rongione and an associate were found shot to death inside a private residence. Treacy’s attorneys refute assertions that Treacy took part in any violence during the course of the drug conspiracy, specifically the alleged attempted murder of O’Brien’s wife and any involvement in the Rongione homicide, which remains unsolved.

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