GR EXCLUSIVE: Outlaws MC’s “Mad” Yager Tabbed Suspect In Brother’s Slaying

Tucked away in a federal prison cell awaiting trial on racketeering charges filed nearly two decades ago, former Indiana Outlaws Motorcycle Club president Randy (Mad Dog) Yager is a suspect in the gruesome murder of his older brother Gerald earlier this month, according to exclusive Gangster Report sources in Illinois law enforcement. Sixty-eight year old Gerald Yager, also a full-patch Hoosier State Outlaw MC member, was found brutally slain June 6 in the Yager family home in Gary, Indiana, the same residence he once shared with his baby bro. Gerald was beaten, his throat was slit, his wrists handcuffed and his house set ablaze.

“Mad,” as he’s known to close friends and amongst club personnel, is being looked at by authorities for possibly ordering his elder sibling’s execution and contracting the wet work to Outlaws in Northwest Indiana’s Gary chapter, per sources. Yager relatives have told the FBI that Randy was sending threats Gerald’s way from behind bars, where he’s only been for less than a year after being apprehending by authorities in Mexico following 17 years on the run from the law – while Yager went quietly during his apprehension by arresting officers last October in a bar in the town of Rosarito, his girlfriend and fellow fugitive Margie Jelovic fled and was killed in an ensuing car chase with police.

The FBI and ATF raided an Outlaws hangout in Calumet County, Indiana last week as part of their investigation into the Gerald Yager homicide. Back in 1997, Mad Yager was indicted in a giant RICO case out of federal court in Milwaukee, one of 17 Outlaws tripped up by the feds on a slew of charges. Everyone but Yager has been convicted. Amid the multitude of racketeering charges Yager currently faces rest murder and murder conspiracy counts.

"Mad" Yeager at his Outlaws powerhouse heyday in the 1990s, opposed to the story's featured image snapped in 2014
“Mad” Yager at the zenith of his power in the Outlaws MC Midwest hierarchy in the 1990s, opposed to the story’s featured image snapped in 2014 upon his arrest

In the 1990s, Yager was one of legendary biker boss and Outlaws International President Harry (Taco) Bowman’s top lieutenants and the club’s “Chicago region” or “Windy City region” leader, overseein

g club activity in the states of Indiana, Wisconsin and Illinois. His arrest jacket dates back to the early 1980s. He’s been previously convicted of a pair of assaults (1984, 1985) – in one of the incidents he attacked a cop in his home base of Gary. Over the years, he has been suspected of committing arson, murder, attempted murder, gun-running, grand larceny and narcotics trafficking, among other felonies.

“He relished the rough stuff” said U.S. Marshal Patrick Amerson of Yager’s rule. “People were afraid of him because they thought he was crazy.”

When the Chicago Outlaws chapter was having trouble dealing with a Hells Angels sub-group known as the Hells Henchmen in 1994, Taco Bowman summoned Yager to his house in Detroit and personally tapped him to take care of the problem and lead a fire-bombing campaign against the Henchmen.

Bowman, like Yager, was indicted in 1997 and went on the lam. Unlike, Yager, his time on the run was relatively short lived, getting nabbed in June 1999. Mad Yager is expected to go to trial in Wisconsin by early 2016 on his case and is looking at life in prison if convicted.

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