Out Of Left Field: New Jersey Pagan’s MC Chief “Lefty” Marino Cops A Plea In Federal Assault Case


February 4, 2022 — New Jersey Pagan’s Motorcycle Club boss Nick (Lefty) Marino pleaded guilty to assault in connection with the attack of a cooperator in federal court this week in Camden. The 76-year old Marino is the president of the Gloucester County, New Jersey Pagan’s chapter. Marino’s Sergeant-at-Arms, Anthony (Fuggitaboutit) D’Alessandro, also just copped a plea in the case that dropped in the winter of 2021 out of Newark.

The assault took place in August 2020 at the Pagan’s clubhouse in Williamston, only weeks after the cooperator alerted federal authorities that Pagan’s enforcer named Mike (The Cage) Dorazo asked him to hide a cache of illegal weapons. The cooperator gave Dorazo $9,000 in government cash under the guise that he had sold the stolen guns and ammo Dorazo tasked him with burying, but instead turned them over to the FBI and ATF and cut a deal for himself. <


Lured to the Williamston clubhouse, the cooperator was beat for the belief that he was holding out on them in proceeds from his reported sale of Dorazo’s package of weapons. One of the alleged assailants smashed the cooperator in the face with an axe handle and pointed a gun at him.

Dorazo, 42, pleaded guilty in the case last year. Marino, D’Alessandro and Dorazo will be sentenced in the spring and each face a maximum 10-to-20 years in prison.