Caged In By The Law: Camden Pagan’s MC Tough Guy ‘Mike The Cage’ Set To Plead Guilty In Fed Gun Case


September 17, 2021 – Pagan’s Motorcycle Club enforcer Michael (Mike the Cage) Dorazo will plead guilty to firearm offenses next week in New Jersey, per recently-filed court records out of federal court in Camden, New Jersey.

Dorazo, 41, is a member of the Camden County Pagan’s MC chapter. He was arrested in August 2020 for being a felon in possession of a weapon and ammunition after he instructed another member of the Pagan’s to store six guns and ammo in his garage. The other member of the Pagan’s was believed to be an informant and beaten for the indiscretion.<


Federal authorities describe Dorazo as a known narcotics trafficker. Back in the spring, Dorazo, who was out on a $100,000 bond led police on a manhunt and highspeed chase following a domestic disturbance where gunshots were heard coming from his residence.

When he was finally apprehended, he possessed three guns, including an assault rifle he was loading with intent to fire as arresting officers descended on him. Dorazo is now facing attempted murder charges in state court as a result of incident.


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