Mafia Hit List – Top Buffalo Mob Murders


4 Charles Geras – A real estate salesmen that gambled way over his head and got into debt to then-Buffalo mob capo and future don Joseph (Lead Pipe Joe) Todaro, Geras’ body was discovered in the trunk of his Cadillac on September 24, 1965, shot twice in the back of the head, badly-beaten, his arms and legs hog-tied. The 36-year old was on his way to meet Todaro the night he went missing. Never charged with the murder, Lead Pipe Joe remained the prime suspect in the hit until the day he died in 2012. As of the mid-2000s, the Buffalo Police Department still considered the Geras execution an open and active case investigation.

5 John Certo – Known as a “knockaround guy” from the neighborhood, Certo slapped around a niece of Buffalo mafia captain Benjamin (Sonny) Nicoletti, Jr. in a public spat that took place in a local tavern and wound up dead as a result, found on November 14, 1977 in a Niagara Falls garbage dump, badly-battered, burned and his head cracked open. Niagara Falls detectives doggedly pursued Nicoletti for years for either arranging or carrying out the hit himself to no avail – Sonny Nicoletti died in 2012 unindicted.


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