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Kardashian-Ex Damon Thomas Tempted Fate W/ GJ Testimony In BMF Case

R&B music producer Damon Thomas, the ex-husband of the undisputed queen of reality television Kim Kardashian, gambled with his life 10 years ago when he cooperated with the FBI, DEA and IRS in helping the federal government bring down the notorious Black Mafia Family (aka BMF), America’s most prolific drug gang of the New Millennium.

Chino Antrax Gamboa – Sinaloa Cartel chief loves Instagram

“Chino Antrax” , leader of the Sinaloa cartel whose boasting on social media may have led to his arrest pleaded guilty to conspiracy to import tons of cocaine and marijuana on Wednesday in federal court in San Diego. Jose Rodrigo Arechiga-Gamboa, 34, known as “Chino Antrax,” was arrested in Amsterdam in December 2013 and extradited

Federal Drug Probe Almost Crashed Playboy Empire 40 Years Ago

The once heavily-publicized Playboy drug scandal peaked and then abruptly ended forty years ago this December, an anniversary men’s magazine magnate and American sex icon Hugh Hefner certainly won’t be celebrating along with his usual Christmas festivities in six months. Back in the early-to-mid 1970s, Hefner and his Playboy empire were the high-priority targets of

New England Gangland News: Baby Shacks & God

Former New England mafia boss Luigi (Baby Shacks) Manocchio is out of prison, checked into in a halfway house located in Massachusetts and currently residing on home confinement in Rhode Island. The notoriously understated and stealthy 87-year old Manocchio, who allegedly relinquished the reins of the Patriarca crime family in 2009, was released from a federal