Will County (IL.) State Attorney’s Office Looking To Block Outlaws MC’er “Barber Shop” Boshears From Playing Suicide Card In Murder Case


May 19, 2021 – State prosecutors don’t want attorneys for Outlaws Motorcycle Club member and accused killer Jeremy (Barber Shop) Boshears to be able to enter into evidence two forensics experts testimony at his upcoming trial for first-degree murder, that the victim, his girlfriend, Katie Kearns, committed suicide. Boshears personally wants to testify to the theory that a distraught Kearns took her own life and shot herself in the head.

Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow’s office filed a motion with the judge in Boshears’ case last week. The 24-year old Kearns had a history of severe depression. She was last seen alive leaving her waitress and bartending job at Woody’s Bar, telling co-workers she was on her way to see Boshears, a frequent customer at the Joliet watering hole. The pair had been dating for a month at the time she was slain.

Boshears, 36, is accused of murdering Kearns inside the Outlaws MC’s clubhouse in Joliet, Illinois, located in the city’s eastside Ingalls Park neighborhood, on November 13, 2017. Woody’s Bar is down the road from the clubhouse and known as a popular Outlaws MC hangout spot. Kearns’ body was found less than a week later an hour’s drive away in Kankakee County in the back seat of her old-model Jeep Grand Cherokee with a bullet wound in the back of her head


Boshears is a member of the Outlaws’ Joliet chapter. He’s expected to go to trial by the end of the year. Boshears has been in custody at the Will County Jail since November 2017, unable to make his $10,000,000 bail amount.

The Outlaws are the most powerful biker gang in the Midwest. The club’s Southside Chicago chapter is considered the “Mother Club,” being that the Outlaws MC was founded in the Windy City.

More recently, the club has moved eastward, seeking to establish a wider reach and presence in New England, New York and New Jersey. The feds revealed the seat of power in the club today resides in the Buffalo area in court filings related to a Western New York drug, extortion and prostitution investigation surrounding reputed Italian mafia affairs made public last month .


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