Home Regions East Coast Second Time Around, Twice As Nice: Philly Mob Rat Was Made At Least Twice, Capeci Reveals “Making” Transcript

Second Time Around, Twice As Nice: Philly Mob Rat Was Made At Least Twice, Capeci Reveals “Making” Transcript

Second Time Around, Twice As Nice: Philly Mob Rat Was Made At Least Twice, Capeci Reveals “Making” Transcript

February 26, 2021 – East coast mob turncoat Anthony Persiano was inducted into at least two crime families, according to a transcript of a 2015 Philadelphia mafia induction ceremony he participated in and recorded for the federal government that recently landed in the lap of America’s leading mob scribe, Jerry Capeci. Capeci’s Gangland News ran portions of the transcript this week in his weekly column.

Persiano, 61, was previously “made” into the New Jersey wing of the Lucchese crime family, per Gangster Report sources. These sources say Persiano “transferred” into Philly’s Bruno-Scarfo crime family in the early 2010s. He flipped in the summer of 2015, just months before taking his second blood oath of Omerta in an undisclosed South Philly residence.

Reputed Philadelphia mob underboss Steven (Handsome Stevie) Mazzone, rising-star capo Domenic (Teflon Dom) Grande and several others in and around the Bruno-Scarfo clan were indicted in a racketeering case in November 2020. Mazzone, 57, helped oversee the October 2015 ceremony. Persiano reported to the 41-year old Grande in the Philly mob hierarchy, per sources. Grande is staring down multiple narcotics trafficking charges in the case, charges stemming from Persiano’s recordings.

Alleged Philly mob street boss Michael (Mikey Lance) Lancellotti conducted the making ritual and when he addressed Persiano, he noted that he knew that Persiano had been through an induction ceremony in the past.

“Anthony, I know you went through this , okay, we got to make it official with this family, you understand that?” asked Lancellotti before pricking Persiano’s finger and burning a saint card in his hand.

Capeci reported that attendees at the ceremony included, but were not limited to Persiano, Mikey Lance, Handsome Stevie Mazzone, introduced to the new button men as the family’s underboss, Joseph (Uncle Joe) Ligambi, introduced as consigliere, and John (Johnny Chang) Ciancaglini and George (Georgie Boy) Borgesi, both introduced as capos, respectively. Others Capeci named present as indicated in the transcript were Mazzone’s and Borgesi’s “soldier” brothers, Salvatore (Sonny) Mazzone and Anthony Borgesi, as well as “soldier” Anthony (Cousin Tony) Accardo.

After the ceremony was completed — five initiates became made men that night –, the participants “tied-in,” joining hands as one in a circle and saying “La Familia” in unison. Capeci reported 15 men were present at the ceremony. The legendary “Dean” of true-crime writing in New York City, was the first to report that Mikey Lance, not presently facing any legal action, conducted the Bruno-Scarfo making in a Gangland News column posted back in December.

Mazzone and Ciancaglini did most of the talking to the new initiates, according to Capeci’s reporting. Borgesi, 57, has allegedly been the family’s acting boss for the past two years.

Handsome Stevie Mazzone was succinct in his comments ending the top-secret powwow.

“No side deals. None of that. Always remember to touch base. Got it? Good, then. Let’s go get something to eat,” he said.

Capeci floated rumors in his Gangland News column that Persiano could possibly have been made into three different mob families. Gangland News cited two sources who could not confirm that rumor, but admitted being told that on the street.


  1. Can we touch on Mikey Lancelotti and the fact he’s been very “lucky” over the last 30 years to not even be indicted…extremely suspicious in my opinion

      • nobody on the streets has ever said that about Lance. You are wreckless with your mouth. Stick to black gangs, that’s all you know. You wouldn’t know nothing without Angelo Fat-fuck Lutz telling you bullshit.


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