The Seven Mile Bloods have been the most dominant street gang in Detroit’s underworld for the past decade, controlling the drug trade on the Motor City’s notoriously dangerous northeast side (dubbed the “Red Zone”) with an iron fist and a shoot-first-ask-questions-later mentality that has left a trail of rivals’ dead bodies and drawn the ire of federal law enforcement. The group’s penchant for being boastfully active on a number of different social media sites and releasing rap videos (under the Hard Work Entertainment banner) bragging of their exploits has given the feds what they believe is damning ammunition to dismantle the “SMB” hierarchy.

In last two years, federal prosecutors have brought RICO and murder indictments against a bulk of the gang’s leadership and most-trusted rank-and-file foot soldiers. This week, The Detroit News published a powerful and exhaustively-researched eight-part investigative series chronicling the deadly drug feuds and turf wars fought by the Seven Mile Bloods in recent years and the mounting legal troubles they face.

You can read Robert Snell’s fantastic eight-part series here.

To honor such excellent journalism and give readers a primer for what the Seven Mile Bloods trap-house empire looks like, the Gangster Report breaks down SMB man by man:


Billy (Killa) Arnold – The reputed current boss of SMB, one of the gang’s founding members

*Put out music under the name Berenzo, sometimes called “B-Man,” prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in their upcoming case against him

Devon (Block) McClure – Slain founding member of the gang

*His 2015 murder escalated tensions between SMB and eastside rivals

Corey (Cocaine Sonny) Bailey – Rapper and reputed No. 2 in charge of the gang

Robert (Ro Da Great) Brown – Rapper and reputed to be one of the gang’s founding members

Michael (Smoke) Rogers – Hard Work Entertainment music label boss, an alleged founding member of the gang, who was acquitted of racketeering and weapon offenses at trial last month

*Cocaine Sonny’s older brother, survived being shot 18 times in 2015

Steve (Steve-O) Arthur – Billy Arnold’s alleged right-hand man

Jeff (Product) Adams – Rapper and the gang’s reputed social media lieutenant

Jerome (Big Romey Dada) Gooch – The gang’s reputed crew boss in charge of affairs in West Virginia, a popular SMB narcotics-distributing outpost

Anthony (P.T. Cruiser) Lovejoy – Alleged to be Gooch’s main lieutenant on the ground in West Virginia

Chris (Baby O) Owens – Alleged to be Lovejoy’s second-in-command on the ground in West Virginia

Eugene (Fist) Fisher – Allegedly one of the gang’s top enforcers

Arlandis (Grimey) Shy – Allegedly one of the gang’s top lieutenants

Quincy (Dubb-Q) Graham – Allegedly one of the gang’s top lieutenants

*His trial ended in a hung jury last month

Derrick (Dip) Kennedy – Allegedly one of the gang’s top lieutenants

Donnell (Hard Work Jig) Hendrix – Rapper and reputed top lieutenant in the gang

Ihab (The Hobbit) Maslamani – Founding member of what was known as the SMB JV Squad, a teenage farm club of aspiring SMB big shots, now called “The Hob Squad,” in his honor after he was convicted of a robbery-murder in 2010 and sentenced to life in prison

Diondre (D-Nice) Fitzpatrick – Allegedly one of the gang’s top lieutenants

Keithon (K.P. the Prince) Porter – Allegedly one of Billy Arnold’s main underlings


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