Gangster Report co-founder Al Profit has unveiled his new fascinatingly-layered docu-series, titled American Dope, exploring the complex web of how the United States government itself actually created and controlled the country’s black-market narcotics business.The first three episodes of the six-part series are available for purchase and rent on Amazon.

The first episode, Cold War, Heroin Heat, explains how for over a half-century, in exchange for helping our government fight communism, heroin kingpins from Asia and Europe were given free rein to ply their trade on American streets and generated our nation’s first opioid crisis.

The second episode, Acid Dreams, dissects how in the 1950s and 1960s the government, using college campuses and educational research as a cover, experimented with psychedelic drugs on students, citizens, prisons and mental hospital patients as a means of trying to weaponize LSD for future use by the military.

The third episode, White Powder, Black Power, shows how in the mid-to-late 20th Century the drug economy became the first significant capital building tool for members of the African-American communities in many of the country’s biggest cities, a phenomenon made possible by several controversial policy decisions made by bosses at the CIA and by legislators in Washington D.C.

Al Profit has written, directed and produced a number of critically-acclaimed documentaries over the past decade, including Roll’n, Streets Of New York, The Frank Matthews Story, Killing Jimmy Hoffa, Detroit Mob Confidential and Motown Mafia, among others.

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