The Cheese Factory Might Have Churned Out Another Button Man In Boston, NE Goodfella, Mob Dons’ Kin Sentenced For Drug Pushing

More canned cheese anyone? Alleged aspiring New England mobster Louie (Baby Cheese) DiNunzio, the son of imprisoned former Patriarca crime family acting boss Anthony (The Little Cheese) DiNunzio – seen above in a surveillance photo courtesy of – and a nephew of current syndicate underboss Carmen (The Big Cheese) DiNunzio, is headed to the can for a year and a half due to a federal drug-dealing pinch he took in the fall of 2014. The younger DiNunzio pled guilty last September and late last month was slapped with an 18-month sentence, three months less than U.S. Prosecutors’ requested. He conspired with three other Boston-based wiseguys to import high-grade marijuana known as “The Skywalker Stand” from California to Massachusetts, bringing in over 20-pound shipments at a time.

The 29-year old DiNunzio, observed by authorities driving his uncle and dad around in a luxury SUV at certain points in the past, will report to a federal correctional facility next month, the same month the New England mafia’s reputed acting boss Anthony (Spucky) Spagnolo reports for a two-year bid for extortion. DiNunzio’s dad was incarcerated in 2012 on racketeering charges, his uncle, the so-called “Big Cheese,” the onetime proprietor of a gourmet cheese shop in Boston’s North End (Little Italy) neighborhood, was released in early 2015 from a more than five-year stint behind bars on federal and state RICO convictions for activity as the New England mafia’s No. 2 in command and official overseer of all gangland affairs in Beantown.

The well-liked and whale-sized Big Cheese, if you believe ongoing scuttlebutt on the Boston streets, might be poised to grab control of the entire crime family in the near future, with Spagnolo about to go to prison and Limone reportedly fighting alleged health concerns and on the verge of giving the whole operation to his protégé at some point soon. Louie DiNunzio has been frequent visitor and inhabitant of his dad’s and uncle’s Gemini Social Club, in the North End, near the DiNunzio’s former cheese shop.

Anthony DiNunzio, 56, won’t be out of the pen until 2018. Upon 57-year old Carmen DiNunzio walking free in February of last year, GR sources in local law enforcement say, he was eager to beef up the ranks of the crime family and “make” more soldiers that would be loyal to him and his brother. Known DiNunzio- loyalists Johnny Scarpelli, Tore Marino and the Big Cheese’s ambitious nephew were among a recent mob initiation class, inducted into the Patriarca Borgata by the Big Cheese himself, per multiple sources.

Scarpelli (42) and Marino (39), were nailed alongside Carmen DiNunzio (currently on parole) in his federal racketeering collar from back in 2006. The Big Cheese allegedly upped his former driver and bodyguard, the 46-year old and heavily-feared Gregory (Fat Greg) Costa to a capo post, per sources, at the same ceremony Scarpelli, Marino and Louie DiNunzio were made at, which experts say occurred sometime in the last six months.

Carmen "The Big Cheese" DiNunzio

Carmen “The Big Cheese” DiNunzio

The DiNunzio brothers no doubt have had a series of impressive mob mentors themselves. According to Massachusetts State Police records, they were first groomed by the Angiulo brothers, the mafia chiefs of the North End for all of the 1960s, 1970s and first part of the 1980s, until a falling out with “top dog” sibling, Jerry, the Patriarca clan’s underboss through the entire Angiulo family reign, led to them skipping town due to a fear for their safety and relocating to the west coast under the protection of the Chicago Outfit, more specifically current Windy City Godfather John (Johnny No Nose) DiFronzo, then just a capo whom the Outfit’s Westcoasters reported to. Landing back in Boston in the 1990s after serving time in prison for work performed for DiFronzo’s regime, both DiNunzio’s came under the tutelage of a pair of highly-respected dons, first Rhode Island-headquartered boss Luigi (Baby Shacks) Manocchio (retired) and then North End mob czar Peter (The Crazy Horse) Limone, the syndicate’s reputed current boss, but mostly in name only.

Per these MSP files, both Carmen and Anthony DiNunzio, were inducted into the Patriarca mob in a 1997 making ceremony performed by Manocchio, convicted in a 2009 RICO indicted for shaking down strip clubs. Baby Shacks handed over the reins to the crime family to Limone, his consigliere, around the same time he was indicted and Carmen DiNunzio assumed underboss duties in roughly 2004, these files claim.

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