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Alleged New England Mafia Member Ruggiero Receives Bump Up, Per Sources

Exclusive Gangster Report sources are saying that reputed New England mob figure Joe Ruggiero was recently upped to captain status. According to these sources, the stocky, ambitious 65-year old Ruggiero, who hails from the Rhode Island wing of the Patriarca crime family, assumed command of the crew once led by William (Billy Blackjack) Delsanto at some

New England Mob Don ‘Spucky’ Hit By Feds, Continues Region Trend

Boston Godfather busted, Spucky’s turn on top yields similar results as predecessors The FBI continued its relentless assault on the mafia in New England last week, indicting alleged acting Patriarca Family boss, Anthony (Spucky) Spagnolo on charges of extortion based on collecting thousands of dollars of protection money from Boston-area Constitution Vending and the Revere Moose