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Crazy Joey Gallo Documentary

Joe Gallo was born and raised in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, New York. His parents were Umberto and Mary Gallo. A bootlegger during Prohibition, Umberto did nothing to discourage his three sons from becoming criminals. In 1949, after viewing the film Kiss of Death, Joe Gallo began mimickingRichard Widmark’s gangster character “Tommy Udo”

Mafia Families | Colombo Family

Origins of Profaci Colombo Mafia Family In September 1921, Joseph Profaci left Sicily, Italy for New York city.  Profaci initially tried his hand in Chicago, but couldn’t get a foothold in the Windy City: he returned to Brooklyn in 1925 and started an olive oil business. Profaci’s olive oil business was, of course, a front for the  the

Joe Colombo killed by Joey Gallo

The Godfather Who Talked too Much Joseph Colombo’s father Anthony was an early member of the Profaci crime family, forerunner of the family that would eventually bear his name. In 1938, Anthony Colombo was found strangled to death  in a car with his mistress.  Young Colombo,  dropped out to of high school to join the U.S. Coast