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Al Capone’s Golden Years: The Final Chapter Of The Chicago Mob’s Scarface

Al (Scarface) Capone is with little question the most iconic American mob boss of the 20th Century, the nation’s first celebrity and tabloid gangster who was born in New York, but crafted his enormous legacy in the underworld in Chicago at the peak of Prohibition Era, where he ran roughshod through his enemies and made fast

Midwest Mafia Bulletin: Chicago & Detroit

Top-ranking Chicago mob associate Michael (Mickey D) Davis is clearing his schedule, possibly for the next few decades. The 58-year old Davis, at times over the years a driver and bodyguard for Outfit heavyweights such as Salvatore (Solly D) DeLaurentis and Peter (Greedy Petey) DiFronzo, was found guilty last week in federal court of extortion,