Church is out in the Providence wing of New England’s Patriarca crime family. Providence mob figure Joseph (Joe the Bishop) Achille reportedly died of natural causes this week. The reputed consigliere was 82 years old.

Award-winning television investigative reporter (WPRI) and local mobologist Tim White broke the news of Achille’s passing Wednesday morning on his Twitter account. Joe the Bishop’s last run-in with the law was a 2005 bust for bookmaking in which he served 18 months in prison for — his sports book was clearing $2,000,000 annually. He based his activities out of Providence’s northside and acted as a longtime captain and trusted advisor to retired don Luigi (Baby Shacks) Manocchio, who was located nearby on Federal Hill until passing the reins of the New England mafia to the syndicate’s Boston faction earlier in the decade and leaving for the Florida sun.

During his ascent in underworld circles, Achille was groomed by old-school Providence mob capo Edward (Eddie Mulligan) Romano. Headquartered at The Chalet restaurant and tavern in the city’s North End, Romano was an expert labor racketeer and taught the tricks of the trade to Achille. After Romano died in the late 1990s, Achille assumed command over his crew and replaced him as one of the region’s top labor racketeers. In Achille’s 2005 case, he was alleged to have ordered his sons to shoot two rivals in the kneecaps over a union dispute.

Achille is the third Rhode Island mafia power to die in the last two years. The colorful and congenial Alfred (Chippy) Scivola died in July 2017. Ornery and physically-ailing capo Anthony (The Saint) St. Laurent finally cashed in his chips in November 2016, just weeks after being released from federal prison. The Providence half of the New England mob is down to only roughly a half-dozen members.

Joe Achille

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