Georgia’s Nine-Deuce Gang was officially dismantled this week, as over a dozen members of the gang’s hierarchy were convicted of federal drug crimes out of Macon. Nice-Deuce Gang boss Delma (Shug) Goddard and his Bloods-affiliated crew were indicted in May 2017 on a multitude of narcotics, weapons and racketeering charges.

In the past few days, 38-year old Shug Goddard and all of his lieutenants pled guilty in the case. Goddard’s second-in-command, Nine Deuce Gang underboss Chad (Bone Loco) Freeman, was in court to enter his plea Monday and Goddard himself followed suit Tuesday.

Goddard faces more than 100 years in prison after copping a plea and admitting to heading an organization which distributed cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. At the time of his arrest last year, Goddard was caught with two unlicensed assault rifles, among 17 illegal firearms confiscated in coordinated raids across the Macon area tied to the Nine-Deuce crew. He’ll be sentenced in the first week of October. He has another cocaine-trafficking conviction on his record from 2000.

Other high-level Nine-Deuce Gang lieutenants to go down in the 2017 bust were Demetrius (Meat Dawg) Harden, Deshawn (Nephew) Ransom, Derrick (D-Mo) Mosley, Ishmawiyl (New York) Davis, Edward (Plug) Brown, Montavious (Crazy Cooter) Barnes, Javon (J-Dub) Clark, Demond (Double Deuce) Dennis, Alonzo (A-Train) Butts, Eric (E-Dawg) Veal and Everett (Edge) Hill. The Nine-Deuce Gang wears the color red to demonstrate its allegiance to the L.A.-based set.

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