November 22, 2019 — Detroit gangland figures Robert (RO Da Great) Brown and Eugene (The Fist) Fisher were sentenced in federal court this week for their 2018 racketeering and drug convictions. Both are members of the Seven Mile Bloods street gang or simply “SMB.” Brown, 38, got hit with a 40-year sentence — he is considered one of SMB’s co-founders. The 37-year old Fisher will have to do seven years as a guest of the government. They were both found guilty at a two-month long trial last year.

SMB’s second-in-charge Corey (Cocaine Sonny) Bailey, who has been incarcerated since 2014 on an unrelated gun conviction, was sentenced to two consecutive life terms for murder earlier this month related to a guilty verdict at the same trial. Brown, once an aspiring rapper, was convicted of attempted murder in the case that stems from a 2016 indictment dropped on more than a dozen SMB leaders and soldiers. Fisher was one of SMB’s top enforcers, according to the indictment.

Billy (Killa) Arnold, the reputed boss of SMB, has pleaded not guilty and is heading to trial in the winter. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against the 31-year old Arnold.

The Seven Mile Bloods have been the most dominant street gang in Detroit’s underworld for the past decade. The group’s penchant for being active and boastful on a number of different social media platforms and releasing rap videos (under the Hard Work Entertainment banner) bragging of their exploits gave the feds the ammunition they needed to dismantle the SMB hierarchy.

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