November 22, 2019 — Reputed Boston mob soldier Billy (The Angel) Angelesco was arrested by the FBI in Maine this week for extortion and robbery. His pending case is out of U.S. District Court in Boston and per the indictment stems from an incident in September 2018 that occurred in Abington, Massachusetts.

It’s not his first rodeo either. Law enforcement in New England are quite familiar with Billy the Angel’s wiseguy resume.

The 48-year old Angelesco is alleged to be a “made” man in the Boston wing of the New England mafia, also known as the Patriarca crime family. He faces up to 20 years in prison if found guilty in his current case.

The FBI tabs Angelesco as a top enforcer for Patriarca boss Carmen (The Big Cheese) DiNunzio, who oversees the crime family from his Gemini Social Club in Boston’s North End. Federal authorities also suspect Billy the Angel acts as a key messenger for DiNunzio, used to relay messages to other family shot callers outside of the Greater Boston area. FBI surveillance teams have followed Angelesco from Boston to Rhode Island where he met with Patriarca powers in Providence just hours after being seen with DiNunzio.

Back in 2008, Angelesco was convicted of extortion in state court tied to a bookmaking operation he was running for DiNunzio and did four years behind bars. Three years before that, he walked away unscathed from a first-degree murder charge, acquitted in the December 2001 slaying of nightclub manager Pete DeVito at the Squire Lounge in Revere, Massachusetts. According to testimony at Angelesco’s 2005 trial, Angelesco shot and killed DeVito execution style in front of a group of horrified onlookers as revenge for DeVito punching him and tossing him out of a strip club the previous summer.

Just months before DeVito was murdered, Angelesco attacked a mob-protected associate for assaulting a friend of his and was ordered to a sit down at a Pizzeria Uno location in Revere to account for his actions, according to court records. At the sit down, Boston mobster Connie Frizzi (d. 2011) ordered Angelesco pay his victim’s medical bills, per the account.

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