Pagan’s MC’s Blue Wave Mandate In The West Turns Violent, Pair Of Outlaws Charged With Killing Pagan-Marine In OKL Highway Shooting


December 30, 2021 — The Blue Wave’s move west has its first casualty. On September, 12, Oklahoma Pagan’s Motorcycle Club member Danny Aaron was shot and killed riding his Harley down eastbound Highway 62 near Midwest City. The 33-year old Aaron, a military vet, had a Pagan’s MC prospect with him at the time of his murder.

Two members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, Steve Roberts and Virgil Nelson were charged with first-degree homicide in Aaron’s death earlier this week. The Outlaws MC is the most powerful biker gang in the Midwest and has a foothold in the biker hotbed of Florida.

Aaron served in the U.S. Marine Corps. He was a member of the Pagan’s Oklahoma City chapter.

There had been flare-ups of violence in the Pagan’s war for the West Coast, but until the fall of 2021, never a gangland slaying. The West Coast push began in earnest in 2019, per federal law enforcement rec


Walla Walla, Washington Pagan’s MC members were arrested three months ago for assault. Last winter, shooting broke out at Jaguar’s Gentlemen’s Club in Edinburgh, Texas near San Antonio when the Pagan’s new Rio Grande Valley chapter and The Banditos Motorcycle Club collided on Valentine’s Day evening. Police charged 42 people with assault and rioting in connection with the shooting and ensuing brawl.

Under the leadership of national president Keith (Conan the Barbarian) Richter, the Pagan’s MC launched its “Blue Wave” expansion campaign in 2018. The club, known for regional biker gang supremacy in the Southeast, was eager to grows its ranks along the East Coast and plant flags in the Southwest and West Coast for the first time. Richter actively forged alliances with Hispanic crime groups and other biker empires to bolster his conquest agenda, specifically the Latin Kings and The Mongols.

With Richter at the helm, the Pagan’s more than doubled in size and opened 15 new chapters around the country, absorbing and patching-over dozens of smaller support clubs. The pivot westward established chapters in Texas, Las Vegas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, Washington and Oregon.

Richter, 62, is currently serving a three-year prison term for illegal gun possession stemming from a traffic stop in New Jersey in February 2020. Virginia Pagan’s MC leader Robert (Big Bob) Francis reportedly assumed the reins as national president in the early summer following Richter copping a plea and agreeing to prison time for his gun case.