Outlaws MC’s ‘Snivelhead’ White Kept Battling Govt. In His Death Penalty Case Until Day Mother Nature Nabbed Him


Fighting his death penalty sentence all the way to his last breath, Outlaws Motorcycle Club member William (Snivelhead) White died of natural causes this month. The 72-year old White, who belonged to the Outlaws’ Louisville, Kentucky chapter, had been imprisoned since the late 1970s on a capital murder conviction out of Florida. The case was still working its way through the American justice system upon his passing.

On June 6, 1978, White and Orlando Outlaws Richard (Dino) DiMarino and Guy (Wolf) Smith killed Gracie Mae Crawford after partying with her at an Orange County, Florida bar and at the Outlaws Orlando chapter’s clubhouse. DiMarino testified against White and Smith at trial, claiming Smith ordered him and White to beat and stab the 28-year old Crawford to death for admitting she would date a black man. Crawford was found two days later with 14 stab wounds and her throat slit.

In the years after the trial, Dino DiMarino’s brother and fellow Orlando Outlaws member John (Patch) DiMarino came forward and told authorities Dino was lying when he pointed to Snivelhead as the man who did the “wet work” because Dino confessed to him in the hours following the homicide at their family home. Dino DiMarino received just 15 years in prison in return for his cooperation.

Snivelhead White was born in Florida and moved to Kentucky in the 1950s. He joined the Louisville chapter of the Outlaws and became the club’s go-to mechanic in the Bluegrass State. White and his girlfriend were visiting the Orlando Outlaws chapter at the time of the Crawford murder.


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