A federal court judge in Boston denied bail to New England mob associate Paul (Paulie the Plumber) Weadick this week in the Stevie DiSarro murder case, citing his past violent behavior as means of concluding that he would “pose a risk to the public and the witnesses in the case.” Specifically, the judge is referring to the 61-year old Weadick’s prior conviction for second-degree murder. Paulie the Plumber pled guilty to manslaughter charges in the gruesome 1982 gangland slaying of fellow mob associate Joe Mistretta. A blood-soaked Weadick was arrested while in the process of cleaning up the Mistretta murder scene at his own residence in Burlington, Massachusetts, Mistretta’s body “trunk music” less than a hundred feet away outside.

Earlier this month, Weadick was arraigned alongside former Patriarca crime family boss Francis (Cadillac Frank) Salemme in the DiSarro homicide, which took place in the spring of 1993. They’ve both pled not guilty to the charges and will await trial behind bars.

Authorities believe Cadillac Frank’s son, Francis (Frankie Boy) Salemme, Jr. strangled DiSarro to death as Weadick helped him by holding their victim’s legs and Cadillac Frank and his brother, Jack, looked on – Jack Salemme hasn’t been charged. DiSarro, 43, was the Salemmes’ partner and front man in a South Boston nightclub called the Channel where Weadick got a job after getting out of prison for his role in the Mistretta hit.

The Salemmes suspected correctly that DiSarro was cooperating with the FBI. Salemme, Jr. died of natural causes (complications via the AIDS virus) two years later. Cadillac Frank was indicted in 1995 in the months preceding his son and co-defendant’s death and eventually became an FBI informant himself and entered the Witness Protection Program.

Salemme, 83 and living under an assumed identity in Atlanta at the time the DiSarro indictment dropped in August, admitted to lying to authorities in his 1999 debriefing sessions regarding his knowledge of DiSarro’s murder and pled guilty to perjury and obstruction of justice charges in 2008. DiSarro’s remains were dug up in March behind a converted mill in Providence, Rhode Island. Witnesses will testify that Cadillac Frank drove DiSarro’s body from Massachusetts to Rhode Island to be buried.

Weadick and Salemme, Jr. were good friends and frequent social companions. Cadillac Frank and Jack Salemme grew up with and were closely aligned with ruthless Boston Irish mob boss James (Whitey) Bulger, who led what was known as the Winter Hill Gang out of “Southie,” the same neighborhood the Channel was located in, and was a longtime top-secret informant for the FBI. The Salemme brothers are half Irish themselves and fought shoulder-to-shoulder with Bulger in the city’s bloody Irish mob war of the 1960s and early 1970s.

According to Massachusetts State Police records, Weadick was used as one of the primary go-betweens for Salemme’s regime and the Bulger camp in the first half of the 1990s, the point in time that Cadillac Frank was at his most powerful. Bulger owned a percentage of the Channel nightclub with DiSarro and the Salemmes. Bulger’s right-hand man Stephen (Stevie the Rifleman) Flemmi told the FBI when he flipped over a decade ago that he accidentally walked in on DiSarro being killed at the Salemme family homestead in posh Sharon, Massachusetts on the afternoon of May 10, 1993.

Exclusive Gangster Sources claim Joe Mistretta was connected to both Bulger’s Winter Hill Gang and Cadillac Frank’s faction of the Boston Italian mafia and fell out of favor with them in the early 1980s. Weadick and another Bulger associate named James Haney lured Mistretta to Weadick’s house in Burlington, a suburb of Boston (the same city where Mistretta lived) and murdered him there.

Although Cadillac Frank was away in prison serving a 15-year sentence for a car-bomb attack on a underworld turncoat’s attorney when Mistretta was killed, Bulger was on the ascent, highly active and as homicidal as ever in the early 1980s. The iconic Bulger, 87, is prison for a series of murder and racketeering offenses he was found guilty of at trial in 2013 after 16 years on the run from the law.

Per court documents, Haney and Weadick shot Mistretta multiple times in the head and then stuffed his body in the trunk of Mistretta’s own car, parked outside the Weadick residence. As Weadick and Haney were inside the home cleaning up all the carnage the hit left behind, a neighbor noticed blood dripping from Mistretta’s trunk and called the police. Haney, a convicted armed robber, fled. Weadick told responding officers the blood on his hands and clothes came from him having killed a pig for dinner. He got a ten-year sentence after his manslaughter plea and did seven, walking free in 1989.

More recently, Weadick has been employed as a plumber at Modica Associates, a real estate management firm and general contractor owned by reputed mob associate, David Modica. FBI surveillance logs from the mid-2000s paint Modica a close confidant to the Boston North End-based DiNunzio brothers, Carmen and Anthony, the New England mafia’s current and former acting boss, respectively.

Anthony DiNunzio, 57, is in prison for extortion and won’t see daylight for another year and a half. Carmen DiNunzio, 59, emerged from a prison stint for racketeering early last year.


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  1. Alyson

    Joseph Mistretta was loved by his entire family, which included his parent, siblings, three beautiful children, and 14 nieces and nephews. At an early age I learned much from Joey about family being the most important aspect of life. He also taught me about loyalty. Joey was loyal to a fault. To say he was associate of the mob is an unjust statement as he did not want to be a mobster whether it was the Italian or Irish as he knew damn well there was no loyalty on either side. Joey may have made some mistakes in his short life, the most obvious one being the people he chose to associate with. Joey had more character in his baby finger than the two of them combined. Coincidently they were his childhood friends. Joey was deeply love and respected by all of his family and most people that knew him. He was ambushed by two of Whitey’s flunkeys, Haney and Weadick. They obviously proved there ineptness by getting caught. The fact the two thugs where caught committing cold blooded murder and received less time in jails than someone who knocks off the corner liquor store is unbelievable. Lets hope this time Weadick gets his due justice and fry’s for the killing of a federal witness. I’m praying the DiSarro family gets the justice they deserve unlike the Mistretta family. Our hearts go out to them.