Aging New England mobster Joseph (Joe the Bishop) Achille is the Patriarca crime family’s new consigliere, according to sources in law enforcement. The 80-year old Achille, per these sources, is the go-to advisor these days for New England mafia acting boss Carmen (The Big Cheese) DiNunzio and acting underboss Matthew (Good-Looking Matty) Guglielmetti. Guglierlmetti got a promotion from capo to acting second-in-command last year, sources claim.

“Joe Achille and Matty Guglielmetti have had their status on the streets upped in the past year, they’re administrating so to speak,” one state police officer said. “People trust and fear Joe. He’s nobody to trifle with. He goes way back to the ‘Old Man’ Patriarca days. He knows the unions, he knows all the angles on the rackets. He has a lot of respect.”

DiNunzio and Guglielmetti were both released from federal prison stretches for racketeering-related offenses in recent years – the Big Cheese, 59, came out of the can in the winter of 2015, Good Looking Matty, 67, was sprung from the clink in the summer of 2014. Achille did just over a year of prison time in the mid-2000s for heading a multi-million dollar per year bookmaking operation (between November 2004 and February 2005 the Achille-led sports book cleared a half-mil in profits).

The case against Achille filed in the winter of 2005 revealed allegations of him ordering one of his sons to shoot a pair of labor-union rivals in the kneecaps at a construction site. Achille and his two sons, David and Joe Jr. have long been tied to labor racketeering. Joe the Bishop takes over a No. 3 position in the organization vacated by Anthony (Ponytail Tony) Parrillo, who was sent to prison in the spring on felony assault charges.

Parrillo, Guglielmetti and Achille are from the Providence, Rhode Island faction of the Patriarca clan. DiNunzio represents Boston, as does the crime family’s reputed 82-year old Godfather Pete (The Crazy Horse) Limone, living out his final gangland years in semi-retirement after serving three decades in the pen for a murder he didn’t commit. Limone is alleged to have replaced Providence-based boss Luigi (Baby Shacks) Manocchio atop the New England mob back in 2009 upon Manocchio reportedly voluntarily relinquishing his post and stepping down.

Achille was one of Manocchio’s main lieutenants during his peaceful 13-year reign, headquartering his activities on the Northside of Providence, according to Massachusetts State Police records.Television cameras were on hand at Rhode Island State Superior Court in downtown Providence two years ago to catch Joe the Bishop attending a sentencing hearing for his friend and fellow Manocchio capo and disciple Eddie Lato.

DiNunzio was Baby Shacks’ second-in-charge from 2004 forward. He allegedly also takes counsel from East Boston mob powers Bobby Carrozza and Frederick (Freddie the Neighbor) Simone, per sources in law enforcement, as well as Manocchio himself, currently living back in Federal Hill (Providence’s Little Italy neighborhood) following a near five-year prison term for extorting local strip clubs.

Joe "The Bishop" Achille

Joe “The Bishop” Achille

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