October 29, 2020 – Detroit breakdown. Motor City shakedown. Just like the old J. Geils Band used to rock out to.

The feds in Motown took down the It’s Just Us Gang in a drug, racketeering and murder case that dropped last week in U.S. District Court out of Detroit, Michigan. The It’s Just Us crew is allegedly led by 35-year old Duane (Don Juan) Peterson and his three younger brothers and is centered on the city’s Eastside, but with branches in other Michigan outposts like Flint, Jackson and Benton Harbor and out-of-state in West Virginia.

Dionne (Chapo Streets) Peterson, Deshawn (D-Red) Peterson and Luther (Mookie) Peterson were the No. 2 , No. 3 and No. 4 defendants in a case which could bring life sentences to the Peterson brothers and 15 of their reputed lieutenants and associates if they are found guilty on all counts. One of the Petersons’ crews in Huntington, West Virginia was busted two years ago.

It’s Just Us boss “Don Juan” Johnson is already behind bars in state prison on assault and weapons charges. According to the indictment, the Peterson brothers founded the It’s Just Us Gang in 2014. The group would also refer to itself as the “258 Crew,” a reference to the letters IJU on a keypad for a phone, and distributed cocaine, heroin, pills and marijuana.  

On the night of May 17, 2017, Duane and Mookie Johnson and It’s Just Us Gang members Dayquon (Day-Day) Johnson and Melvin (June Bug) Brown stalked Chris Marcillis to a bar near the Harper Avenue and I-94 Expressway interchange called B.O.B’Z Lounge, and “Don Juan” chased him out of the establishment into the parking lot and gunned him down in coldblood execution style, prosecutors contend. Johnson and his brother Mookie were reportedly paid $10,000 by allies of theirs to kill Marcillis for bad-mouthing a fallen friend.

In April 2018, Willie (Chill) Peterson, a Peterson brothers’ cousin, was nailed in the DEA’s Operation Saigon Sunset out of West Virginia. Chill Peterson ran an It’s Just Us affiliate crew in Huntington.

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