John Gotti Photo Gallery | The Teflon Don Story


Gotti takes over the Gambinos and The Murder of Paul Castellano

Big Paulie Castellano
Big Paulie Castellano -Gambino Don


Gambino boss Paul Castellano
Gambino boss Paul Castellano


Sparks steak house murder.
Paul Castellano, Boss of the Gambino Mafia family, dead in the street


Paul Castellano killed by John Gotti
Paul Castellano killed by John Gotti


Tommy Bilotti Gambino family Sparks steak house Castellano murder
Tommy Bilotti Gambino family -killed with Paul Castellano at Spark’s Steakhouse


John Gotti People magazine cover
John Gotti on the cover of people magazine


Sammy the Bull and John Gotti going to court
Gotti and his underboss Sammy the Bull leaving court after victory


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