Snippets of FBI audio surveillance taken in iconic Detroit mafia figure Vito (Billy Jack) Giacalone’s office in the 1960s. Because the bug planted inside his desk was never authorized by a federal judge, the thousands of hours of tape collected throughout the decade was never used against him in court.

Eventually rising as high as crime family underboss, Billy Jack died at 88 of old age in the winter of 2012. After the bug was revealed, Giacalone moved his headquarters to the city’s Eastern Market warehouse district, setting up shop at a produce business ran by his son, reputed current Detroit mob don Jack (Jackie the Kid) Giacalone.

On a friend of his and his annual vacation to Asia

“This fucking guy goes to Japan once a year for business. He’s always coming back talking about the bath houses there. He goes there with his buddies for lunch. The broads jump in there with you, like two or three of them for each guy. They give you a massage, rub you down with hot sponges and cop your joint. I says, that’s a helluva lunch break”

Discussing a debtor with his older brother, the equally legendary and iconic Michigan mob leader Anthony (Tony Jack) Giacalone

“I ask’em when he’s gonna have our money. He says ‘Bill, I’m under pressure here, I got laid off last week, but I’m starting a new gig tomorrow and I’ll be working five days a week to pay you back’. I said to him, ‘That ain’t the right answer, pal.’ I hear you’re out there at night, drinking and carousing. That’s cash that belongs to me. So from now on out whenever you get a spare $20 bill, you just swing by here and drop it off instead. I tell’em, ‘I don’t want to put pressure on you. I just want my money. I don’t want you playing cards or going out on the town and splurging on the goddam streets. Now, this is getting out of hand. I get it, you gotta eat, you gotta feed you family, I understand. But you need to pay this back, too. We’ve been waiting on you way too long here. As he’s leaving, I gave him a reminder. I said, listen, buddy, if you don’t take care of this, it can turn around on you pretty fast. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.’ I think he got the message.”

Recalling his brother’s recent arrest with future Detroit mob consigliere Michael (Big Mike) Polizzi

“When the two coppers busted in the other day, I wasn’t there, just my brother. The only thing that saved me is that I was on the golf course. Whitey (Toledo point man Anthony “Whitey” Besase) usually comes in on Tuesdays, but this week he came in on Thursday and we were out on the course at Hillcrest (suburban country club silently owned by future don Jack Tocco) when they stormed in here and arrested Tony. Those cocksuckers wanted to cuff him and my brother pushes them against the wall and says ‘I ain’t going nowhere, you ain’t putting any shackles on me.’ Then this young copper pulls out his motherfucking gun, cocks it and puts it in my brother’s face and says ‘I’ll kill you if you make one more move’. They get one cuff on him, but you know Tony, he wouldn’t let them put the second one on. The guy pulls the piece again. My brother says ‘What the fuck do you want from me, I’m going with ya.’ He told me he could see the kid with the gun shaking a little. He says, ‘you take that thing out, you better be ready to use it, forget about me, what about when you’re dealing with the coloreds? You’re one scared motherfucker, he tells the cop. This ain’t no siege on Fort Knox, what’s the matter with you, why the fuck are you pulling your gun on me? So, they end up bringing him to Beaubien (Detroit Police Dept HQ is located on Beaubien Ave.) and they got three fucking coppers on each of his arms taking him inside to book him. That goddam Life Magazine piece is killing us. Its brought so much fucking heat its’ ridiculous. They blasted me worse than Tony. Now the whole world thinks we’re the fucking Babe Ruths of hoodlums around here.”

Informing his brother of a romantic rendezvous with Josephine Hoffa, the wife of then-Teamsters President and notorious mob associate Jimmy Hoffa

“We went to dinner at the Living Room Lounge (Mike Polizzi’s restaurant), then we went to the motel and screwed three times. It was great. Jo says, ‘don’t tell your brother.’ Ok, sweetie. Think what you want to think. Jimmy’s a choirboy, too. He aint touched another woman since your wedding.”

Berating a debtor for delaying payment on a juice loan

“Look, I don’t want to hear what you’re gonna do, what kind of shape you’re in, that ain’t got nothing to do with me. All I care about is my money. I want my money. These kind of stories, these excuses, explanations, I don’t want to hear’em. Everybody’s got their own problems, buddy. And we aint even talking about the juice yet. We’e just talking about the principal. You need to get this thing under control and quickly. This is no good. I want my money yesterday. I’m a reasonable man, ask anybody around town, but this needs to be taken care of. We’ve given you a long enough of a leash. What’s today? The 14th? Ok, this is what we’re doing. On the 21st, a week from today, I want $1,000. The week after that on the 28th, I want another $1,000. And it better be like clockwork. I’m sick of these stories about why you don’t have my cash. When you pay me my money, then we can sit down, have a drink and tell stories. Until then you work day and night to get me what you owe. I like you Mikey, but business is business. Do what’s right”

Commenting on recent media coverage of the Detroit mob, specifically an article that appeared in the Windsor Star, the biggest newspaper in Windsor, Canada (longtime Michigan mafia territory), a rash of press he chalked up to the high-profile flipping of NYC gangster Joseph (Joe Cargo) Valachi 

“They blasted me, my brother Joe Barbara, Pete Licavoli, the Home Juice Company (Giacalone HQ). I had Sammy run across the tunnel to Canada to get a copy. My lawyer tells me the Free Press (Detroit’s main daily periodical) is going to be running something next week. This guy’s a hoodlum, that guy’s a hoodlum. La Cosa Nostra this, La Cosa Nostra that. This fucking Valachi is stirring the pot good. It’s like a domino effect. He says something in New York, fingers some fellas out there and all of sudden the guys in Detroit, Cleveland and Chicago are feeling the heat. It’s not a coincidence, I’ll fucking tell you that for sure.”

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