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A History Of Violence: The Story Of La Eme – Mexican Mafia Timeline (1923-2009)

THE MEXICAN MAFIA TIMELINE – brought to you by It all started with the birth of La Eme leaders in the 1920s April 24, 1923 Henry “Hank” Leyva born in Tuscon, Arizona. April 10, 1929 Joe “Pegleg” Morgan born. 1935 1st generation “Originals” of Hoyo Maravilla gang forms. 1939 2nd generation “Cherries” of Hoyo

My Take On Skinny Joey & Possible RICO In Philly Mob

By SCOTT M. BURNSTEIN (co-author of Mafia Prince): Here is what I make of these recent rumors leaking out of Philadelphia that dapper and dynamic mob boss Skinny Joey Merlino might have signed off on Gino DiPietro’s 2012 murder and that the FBI wants the DiPietro homicide (and maybe others) to be included in a

Al Capone Quotes

Al Capone Quotes “You got a nice ass”   –this is the first of Al Capone’s many quotables to appear on the historical stage. It’s what he said to a girl in a bar one night…right before her brother slashed Capone’s face and gave him the nickname “Scarface”. Capone in his Prime “Capitalism is the